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I started this blog in January of 2005.

Every single post I've written is in my archives down over there in the right column. You know, where it says "Archives."

But, okay. Probably you don't want to scroll through all of them. (TRUTH: YOU TOTALLY WANT TO READ EVERYTHING I'VE EVER WRITTEN.)

Still, in case you don't have like, an entire weekend to devote to my life's scribblings, I have taken the liberty of extracting what *I* think are my best posts from over the years. You're so very welcome.


Dating & Single Life

Mashed Potato Boobs

The REALLY Bad Kisser

I Break Up With A Man In A Chat Room

More Funny Stuff (Mostly With Drawings)

I Draw Me Naked (“Why I Don’t Wear Sundresses”)

The Biggest Ass Bruise You’ve EVER Seen

**HAHAHAHA. My refrigerator from when I was single. True.

Hilarious Thanksgiving Poetry From Elementary School Kids

***The Hole In My Pantyhose At Work With So Many Drawings OMG

SF Stuff
My Friend Kate Raises SF’s Hackles Because Of Beer

Job Interview Where I Indirectly Use The F-Word

**The Hilarious Event At The Planetarium

**My Friends And I Go Away And Play Drinking Games Involving Strippers And Porn. Plus There’s Livestock
Pt 1:

**I Try To Outsmart My Cat With Electrical Tape (While Preparing For BlogHer)

Recent-Ish Funny

The Time I Wrote About Cake And Bad Hair And The Internet Got Mad At Me (See The Comments)

Serious Stuff       

Paris In April (“I’m Not The Girl Who Gets To Go To Paris”)

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