Who's On Page Six NOW?

Well no, not me.

Last night, PinkJaime and I met for a drink after work because we hadn't seen each other in a while and we had some celebrating to do. Primarily because she has found herself -- after six weeks of exhaustive hunting -- a new place to live. And not only that, but it happens to be five blocks from my apartment. Yippeee!

On the other hand, we had to reel in our celebration a bit because Ish and I had an appointment to go meet with some gym people. Because, see, my company is offering us some special corporate rate right now and it's occurred to me that maybe if I actually GO to a gym, I might get into better shape. And possibly I'd be more likely to go to this gym because it is literally on my way to work. But I'm also a bit wary of this gym because it's very Rah!Rah!Rah! and gym-like, which I find intimidating since I'm, you know, neither.

But this why I thought getting a drink before touring a gym made perfect sense.

PinkJaime and I also thought it made sense for us to go to a bar near the gym (that's how most people plan their nights, right? Where's there a bar closest to the gym?), which is when I remembered that there's kind of a fancy place nearby. Not that I wanted to spend too much money, but one drink and maybe one appetizer wouldn't be too bad, right?

(Well, right. And I will say, that was the best-tasting $10 spring roll I've ever had.)

But as we were getting ready to leave, we noticed that more and more upscale-y dressed folks were gathering at the table next to us. And then some guy who looked like a real photographer started snapping shots, and next thing I know, former SF Mayor, Willie Brown appears.

I couldn't figure out who all was there with him. It was a smallish group of about 10 or 12, and a couple faces looked familiar, but I couldn't identify them. (Possibly random SF assembly people or somesuch.)

Regardless, I thought it was cool they were there, two feet away from us. And so I wanted to do something about it. Except I had no idea what.

I knew I couldn't just walk up to Mr. Brown and say hello, since the last time I tried to speak to someone moderately well known, I pretty much sounded like a lunatic. Plus the only thing that came into my head to say to Willie was either about this HILARIOUS story involving him without his knowing it, or about how much I've grown to detest his early-morning radio show on Air America SO MUCH that I flat-out refuse to listen to it anymore.

And I thought maybe those wouldn't be ideal ice-breakers. Hmmm.

So then I tried to talk Jaime into getting her picture taken with him, but she would have none of it. (As she pointed out later, she'd only had one drink. A couple more and she would've gladly posed.)

Left with no other alternative, and a pressing date at the gym, I did the only thing I could think of.

I took a quick sneak picture of the back of the former mayor's head, while Jaime tried to duck out of the shot.

PJ and WB

Having previewed the picture, Jaime was horrified that I'd even consider posting it online. I assured her, however, that no one would be paying attention to her since really the shot is all about capturing the great Willie Brown anyway.


At least I can rest assured that I didn't miss my career calling as a paparazzo.


  1. I didn't even notice PinkJaime. Ahem, right. Didn't even notice.

  2. jen -- see!?!?! :)

    dorothy -- if i stop posting for a while, you'll know why.

    everyone else: NOTHING? NO CREDIT for knowing THE SINGULAR of "paparazzi"??? sheesh.

  3. Actually, being that you are a feminine person, you would be a paparazza.

    A guy with a camera is a paparazzo.

    The firemen outside the gym window join me and Mr. Ish in saying, however, we become glad we are men whenever we see (or read) you.

  4. I thought for sure it was Paparazzus.

  5. I'll have my paparazzo with pepperoni and mushrooms, please.

  6. HUGE sighting! Major! Even if it just is the back of the head.

  7. lol - great post! LOL I miss you!

  8. I hate it when you see someone famous and you are DYING to have something legitamate to say to them but there is just NOTHING. Maybe we should all think real hard about it and make a list of brilliant things one might say to famous people should we happen to bump into them, so that we are prepared.

  9. anon 9:43,

    thank you so much. and i really didn't know the a versus o. now i can be even MORE smug in my grammarian ways!

    val - i miss you too!!

    jenny - that is a very good idea. kinda like ross's laminated card.

  10. I thought it would be paparrazzapous. :)

  11. If it will make PinkJaime feel any better, tell her an IIF covets her earrings and her hair, which seems to be quite lovely and sleek (and obedient!)


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