Class Act


Pay no attention to the wackadoo taking pictures of the condom rack at Walgreens, folks.
It's not every day someone finds the condom rack hilarious.


  1. I love the photo. Especially the marketing aspect of it. The condoms next to the candy. Its all good!

  2. Okay, c couple things strike me about this picture.

    (Oh, hi - this is the first time I've posted a comment)

    1. What's with the juxtaposition of condoms to candy? For a great night, pick up the BIG packs of "Pleasure Max" and "Red Vines"

    2. "Tropical" condoms? "If you like Pina Coladas... la-la-la la-la la".

  3. Aaa, a lesson in irony for Alanis Morrisette:

    Looks like the average price of a box of condoms is around 13.99.

    Except for Class Act. If I'm not mistaken they are 4.99.

    Discount condoms? Classy.

  4. I think I'm most disturbed that the condoms are right next to the cough drops.

    I don't wanna think about that too hard.

  5. i love you all so much for understanding why this is just a ridiculously funny display.

    and who knew there were cheap-o condoms called Class Act? HOW GHETTO CAN YOU GET? i feel like it's equivalent to naming a wine "Expensive Tasting Chablis."

  6. Hey I like that there is an in store coupon available on the one brand, and love the Riesen's right there next to the condoms. I guess that is for the non smokers, have a Riesen instead of a cigarette after sex. Woohoo.


  7. I like the Inspiral brand. I've thought a lot of things about what goes into a condom, but I can't say as I've found one that was inspiring....

  8. I love the juxtaposition of the candy with the condoms. Ihis some sort of alphabetical Walgreens?

  9. Apparently this is the alphabetically organized Walgreens? Candy, Condoms?

    Also, more people are having sex than eating candy as evidenced by how pawed over the condom display is and the candy? Not so much.

  10. yum! condoms and candy! who could ask for anything more?

    i'd get the pleasure pack and the red vines. definite good times.

  11. A pack of condoms...and a pack of Red Vines and you've got a fun night planned! Thats what I stop shopping!

  12. Ericha2@comcast.net2:27 PM, August 11, 2006

    I like that you can buy your condoms and odwalla bars in the same spot. I mean, if you're going to get the "Pleasure Pack" you're going to need a healthy treat as sustinence!

    Thank you for sharing this piece of Walgreens heaven.

  13. well, I for one would be impressed a bit more if the Class Act product came in a plain white box, (or better yet, a blister pack), with a bar code and simple block lettering. you know, show your 'special one' just how much they mean to you.

  14. I took a month off from blogging this month. I could say it's mainly because I didn't find it fun anymore but in reality, it's just because I got tired of the peanut crowd giving their yay or nay about what I was doing in my life.

    They turned into my family, unbeknownst to me. And when you are the black sheep... that ain't a good thing.

    But I'm starting to miss it, starting to long for my outlet. Blogs are a good thing. I think in general, one has to just steel themselves up, or make a definitive purpose to throw commentary off into the wind... in order to make it work for everyone.

    In essence: you will not always say things that please everyone. But if you don't say "something" you will not please yourself.

    And if you ain't happy, NO ONE in your life is happy.

    Just my 2 cents, completey free on a last-minute, friday-night special. ;)

    happy days...

  15. i like how there is "extra sensitive" "intense senstation" and "her sensation" - they should marked one called "can't feel anything". i'm sure someone would be into that.

  16. New Walgreen's Warning Sign: If you are buying the redvines and lifestyles, note that they are not interchangeable. Please make sure each is used properly or you may end up in the hospital... awkwardly sticky... pregnant... and choking on latex.

    (Please no photos)

  17. It's like that song...

    I smell sex and caaannndddyyyy...

  18. How ridiculous is it that my first thought was, "WHEN DID RIESEN START MAKING CONDOMS! I LOVE THOSE CANDIES!"

    I'm. not. right.

  19. "Inspiral" is the brand which caught my eye.

    Is that for your local carney fellow with the amazing twisty d**k?? (i put the ** just to be tasteful. i don't know you that well, so i don't want to be crude or anything...hey, what am i worried about? we are talking about condoms here! we all know condoms go on dicks!)

  20. I met this guy at the Odwalla Bar. He was really a Class Act, Extra Sensitive, Inspiral - I mean inspirational - just Supra.

    I insisted that he put a Trojan on his Red Vine, but all he did was Snicker and say, "Baby, that just isn't my Lifestyle."

    I just couldn't Riesen with him.

  21. The tropical ones are delicious. Um, I've heard.

  22. "Expensive Tasting Chablis"!!!! Hahaha!
    I went to a Rite Aid after reading this on Saturday, and I searched desperately for Class Act so I could show my friend. I guess they are a store brand at Walgreens?
    Is there such a thing? Condom Rite, Sam's Choice, Kirkland, and Berkeley & Jensen condoms?????

  23. That's quite an education for the kid just looking for gummy bears!

    I suppose all guilty pleasures are lumped together!

  24. Oh my god...Shari, that was fantastic. Brava!

  25. botanylicious - I think Walgreen's private label is called Waljans.

  26. Where in Wonderland are you???

  27. Mr. Winkle: Okay Timmy, this is your big chance to show Mr. Walgreen that you are serious about pursuing Stock Boy as a career after you finish high school. All you have to do is pass this last phase of your test.

    Timmy: Sounds good Mr. Winkle what do you need me to do?

    Mr. Winkle: We are rearranging the store and we need you to figure out where to put the condoms to most efficiently move them. You have two choices. You can either put them next to the candy or you can put them next to the 12V batteries and Lubriderm. Think hard about this one, make the change, and I’ll come back later to see how you did.

    (Later, Mr. Winkle had to let Timmy go and told him he might have done better if he read the chapter in the Walgreen’s Stock Boy Manual on Cross-Promotional Merchandising. Mr. Winkle was also heard yelling “Peter! Fix this mess before someone comes along with a camera and gets us all fired!”)

  28. I found this hilarious! Not just because of the fact that they put the condoms next to the sweets but also because of the "Class Act". A name more fitting for a porn film than just a condom...


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