Debacle, Schlemacle

*begin rant*

I don't mean to be all random or whatever, but jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Is this man not The. Single. Most. Creeeeeeeeepiest. Guy. You. Have. Ever. Seen. In. The. History. Of. Ever???

Yes. The answer is yes.

I am sorry the JBR story remains a mystery and her killer/father/brother/neighbor/stalker remains at large, but I am not one bit sorry this man has been called out and identified.

You know?

It's not like nothing good has come out of this "debacle." I think it's safe to say that Mr. Karr should NOT be working with children here or in Thailand or anywhere, and if that's the only outcome of This Week In Media Frenzy?

We're still in a better place than we were.

*end rant*


  1. yeah it's hard to say who is a bigger sicko, someone who does something like what was done to JBR or someone who fantasizes about it so much that he imagines himself as part of the story. whatever happens, i really do hope this guy gets locked up somewhere for a long time.

  2. Ugh. Let's deflect any scrutiny about Lebanon, Hezbollah, Israel, Iran, North Korea, IRAQ, Global Warming, the Mentally Disabled Primate "running" our country, and any other important news story by creating a media blitz about a 10 year old crime.

    Especially a crime that the cops know for a fact this waste of skin had nothing to do with.

    I know someone who was in on the original investigation of JBR. The theory has always been that Patsy killed JBR in a jealous rage. She bashed her with a mag-lite flashlight. The grip didn't allow fingerprints. The son witnessed it.

  3. fluffy - my point exactly.

    jester - this post was originally MUCH longer, which is why it took so long to get up. i went on a tirade about "the media" rushed to report everything it could find as soon as word got out; then "reported" on how WE shouldn't rush to judgment; then on how "see, we said you shouldn't rush to judgment" and also what a disaster the *investigation* is -- v. what a disaster the coverage has been...

    the whole thing is horrible. but the one bright-ish spot is that this seriously disturbed man will not be allowed to continue to go from school to school anymore.

  4. Everytime I see him I think he must have emerged from here:

  5. And have you noticed, not only has he had his facial hair removed.. he's got little boobies! I swear.. look close at the TV footage.. loose shirts can't disguise everything.

    Ewww. Disgusting

  6. Freak-a-ziod there any visual better than Jumping Jesues on a pogo stick?! Me thinks not.

  7. i'm amused, cuz i'm amused by irony in all its forms, that this guy is awful by the standards of thailand, THE country of ill-repute for the sex trade involving little, little girls. When thailand lets 14 year old prostitutes run around, and then looks at this guy and says, "yikes, USA, thanks for taking him off our hands," you know something isn't quite right.

  8. um...yeah. I can't get past the Ka Ka Ka creep factor myself. Ew.

  9. I whole heartedly agree with you...he is very creepy...and a horrible lier. Keep the kids away from this guy!

  10. The guy is mad creepy. And I thought the same thing about Thailand - here we have the capital of go-ahead-and-have-sex-with-kids land, and naturally this guy is teaching school there. Uber ick.


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