I've Officially Exceeded The Boundaries Of Questionable Taste

Anyone wanna venture a guess as to why I'm compelled to watch Bridezillas?

No, no. Seriously. The narrator sounds like cheap wedding cake frosting, the brides' tempers are far less concerning than their tackiness, and by the time the episode is over, you sort of hope the featured couple is already divorced.

And yet.


  1. Maybe because American Idol hasn't started yet? I was an Idol holdout for years, but once I tuned in last season, I was hooked. Those dang reality shows. The suck you right in.

    Well. Not all of them....

  2. I love Bridezilla's! There is nothing funnier that watching people lose complete control of themselves over the wrong shade of puce.

  3. I just watched that show for the first time a few weeks ago--YIKES! The one I saw had this mom who was basically trying to upstage the daughter and all the sisters were at least as dramatic as the bride. Every time I see stuff like that, I just become more convinced that I want to elope!

    And Platinum Weddings nearly gives me a panic attack.

  4. Bridezilla is the reason I will elope. But then I watch Platinum Weddings and rethink that! LOL

    DAMN YOU WE and your programing!

  5. I'm obsessed with it too. I think because I used to plan weddings.

    Sadly, these women are not uncommon.

  6. I watch this for the same reason I tune in to other TV Trainwrecks (Flava of Love, anyone?)...I feel so much better about myself after having done so.

    There is nothing like a bride insisting her maids wear girdles and other supportive undergarments, or watching a woman actually relieve herself on a living room floor to make one feel like a million bucks.

  7. I want to know exactly who recommends these beauties for this show and are they actually trying to be on their best behaviour during filming? Perhaps they up the drama factor for the cameras but they don't seem to be actuing petulant and insufferable,, it seems like they really ARE. And my favorite was the one where the fiancee sat in the other car and cried about the way she was treating him.


  8. Oh, and just when you think that you can't possibly watch any more episodes of Bridezillas, WE comes out with a new series - Platinum Weddings - about brides who spend more money on their wedding jewelry then I will ever make in my life. Ridiculous, but I can't get enough.

    (I'm Dana, by the way, and I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago... nice to meet you!)

  9. nikki - i had to turn that one off. the mother was absolutely unbearable.

    ff - that show just scares me. talk about lack of perspective!

    hi DL! welcome to the dysfunctional party. here's a cocktail.

  10. I had no idea there was such a show. Then again I havent had cable since I was pretending not to watch The Newlyweds.

  11. And yet . . .

    I watch My Sweet 16. :)

  12. I am addicted right now to "Whose wedding is this anyway?" on the Style channel. It's hilarious as well.

    And kris, I think that My Sweet 16 is the guilty pleasure of MANY.

  13. OMG! My Sweet 16! I had to have a long talk with TiVo after finding not one but TWO episodes in my suggestions folder. :shudder:

  14. My Sweet 16 girls grow up to be Platinum Wedding women. Heaven help those fathers!

    Oh and if they camp it up a little for the cameras? Who cares? Its great TV!


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