Big Weekend Plans?



  1. Score 1 Kiki, for not having to be there at 8:45! :)

  2. Yay!
    A day you can pretty much just write off from work, and you get to hang out in a court room all day, commenting to strangers on the awful outfit the DA is wearing.

    That's what you get for registering to vote, you silly civic duty performer!

  3. go to the room and agree to be a juror. They will give you a questionairre. Fill it out like you are a crazy fanatic that would very likely support one side over the other.

    They will excuse you.

    It worked for me.

    If you are extra special crazy, the judge's clerk will call you personally to excuse you ("the judge said you don't need to come back")

    I got lucky and it was a former altar boy suing the church because he'd been molested. The bitter, bitter disillusionment of a reformed catholic, once parochial school student saved me from having to serve.

  4. Hey Kristy! I sat on a jury at 850 Bryant and it was actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing what goes on inside the deliberations. And since it's the criminal courthouse, most of the trials are interesting and short! Hope you have as good a time as I did. Cheers!

  5. Mine is for the day after labor day. I am so excited. But hey at least I have a handicapped tag and don't have to park in the designated parkign three freaking miles from the courthouse.

    Have Fun

  6. And I thought the Hall of Justice was where Superman and his hero friends hung out. They must have seen your coolwhip/vodka dessert on their world monitors. ;)!


  7. Yes, don't ever tell the truth on one of those jury polling forms or you'll be condemned to a life of hellishness.

    My favorite excuses tend to be:

    -my best friend is a cop
    -if he didn't do something wrong they wouldn't have arrested him
    -I'm the victim of a violent crime and think all criminals should be forcibly sterilized with a dirty fork
    -I know the Judge because I volunteered for his re-election/graft campaign


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