Cat Update

Just a quick note of clarification regarding my cat post:

Reprimanding me and my family for not getting the cats spayed early enough is understandable -- I hear your fury and frustration and I apolgoize. This story and your comments serve as very good reminders of WHY it is so important to spay and neuter your pets as early as possible (and we have ever since).

However, I cannot go back and change what happened almost a decade ago.

The cats were and have always been an active part of our family, and this has not been easy for anyone. That is WHY we are trying to find -- through every means possible, including this blog -- a good home for the cats INSTEAD of handing them off to a shelter.

The cats are currently living with my youngest sister until other arrangements can be made.


  1. There always has to be at least one holier-than-thou asshole who has an opinion on how you could have prevented the situation in the first place. It's only because they don't have the intelligence to deal with the problem in front of them.

    Let your pleas for help circulate for a little while, and I'm sure someone will step forward to help.

    I wish I could, but I'm wary of getting my throat slashed in the night by one of my 2 cats ever since we brought the second puppy home. If they had opposable thumbs I'd be in real trouble.

  2. I found those commenters very annoying--you wrote that you were crying writing the post! Why do they have to be so mean? Anyway, there are lots of no-kill, great shelters out there. The one where I got my cats is great, and gives me hope that there are many more like it. If you say that the cats must go to a home together, they will not let those cats be separated. So, if you can't find a home directly, try a shelter like that. A lot of shelters have foster systems; if they are full, they have volunteers who will keep pets in their homes until there is room for them (in the shelter or in a permanent home.) I wish I could be much more helpful than this! I have three big dogs and two cats in a small house. BUT I will definitely be keeping my ears open.
    There are so many people willing to help. I got involved in this shady effort to find homes for 34 puppies from a research facility, a lone time ago (shady because, after I started emailing around to spread the word, I got a call from the woman saying that the puppies couldn't go to shelters and to "get that thing off the Internet." I still don't know WHAT it was about) Anyway...that was a long parenthetical...anyway, my inbox was flooded with people from all over the continent willing to help. People were willing to drive from Tennessee to New Jersey to get these puppies.
    Good luck :)

  3. Going back to Thursdays furry plea for help...I took a peek at Monica's blog and in her very first entry, she states that she gave her dog panty liners to chew on. I noticed these are Kotex panty liners which are full of dioxins and other toxins, not to mention the chance of suffocation if the sticky strip were to get lodged in the dogs throat. How ironic that someone with such deep regard, concern and criticism for Kristy's family cats, would purposely endanger their own pet for mere entertainment. Oh, but I love the dishes! Cheers!

  4. Wait, I thought you said you were gonna have Bill Frist adopt them!

  5. Shull-
    Even more interesting is that the panty liner entry now seems to be gone. I had to check out, I mean, how gross is that!


    I am in a tiny apt, so maybe the cats wouldn't be so happy indoors here.

  6. One suggestion, Kristy: if you do give them to a shelter, you might consider donating some money to it. I know people who work at shelters and they are always so strapped. Just a suggestion, no judgments, really.

  7. I think it's great that you are trying to rehome them rather than taking them to a shelter. People often drop their animals off at no-kill shelters, thinking they are doing a great thing for their (former) pet. Unfortunately, this often turns out to be a great thing for the (former) owner, rather than the pet -- it relieves the person's conscience because they know their old pet won't be euthanized. The pet, however, may be destined to spend the rest of its natural life in a cage with minimal contact with people, etc. Not a high quality of life by most standards.

  8. Well, I support your choice whatever it may be.

    There are no-kill shelters which can be helpful in finding homes for cats or can be good homes for cats who like the company of other kitties.

  9. we have a kitty in our 400 sq ft, and a rabbit- crowded, but i suppose that's the way animal people are. Our cat does have opposable thumbs, btw ( weird. in reference to this and the pigeon post, i decided that the cat liked birds outside our window so much that i should feed them to get them to come close more often.

    i wanted to research things a little first, since i didn't want issues with birds- just come get some seeds, poop off the edge, and move along, thanks- or with the cat. would she be frustrated to watch birds all the time and not get to chomp on a few? would it be entertaining or scary or infuriating? would i have to fear the opposable thumbs?

    so i read a whole lot about birds and cats- this is my first cat, which came with the boyfriend. some kind of package deal. thanks to everyone else- the ones who did things POLITELY- for posting links to stuff about indoor cats. i felt a lot better having found the same links about why the cat is so much better inside- and why she loves the birds, even without having to kill them and leave them on my pillow (thank god!).

    hopefully, everyone with a stick in his/her ass can go away, knowing that we get it. my only addition to the advice so far is to see about finding an older person whose pet(s) recently passsed away. One day at our vet, there was a lady looking specifically for one or two OLDER cats to live with her mother, in that situation, who was older herself, and couldn't handle (and would likely be outlived by) kittens. what a wonderful pairing! Good luck- please let us know when you find a place for them. the more reasonable people here will be glad to know there's a good match.


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