New Arrival

Look at it.

Isn't it just precious? Couldn't you just eat it up?

(I think it looks a little like me, don't you?)

Come, sweet thing. Come to Mama. There, there now...

Love in a Box


  1. Yay!

    It's cute. Are you going to name it? (Does it have a gender?)

  2. OMG. I am soooooo jealous! I have an iBook G4, and my brother just got one of those MacBooks. Nice, very nice. Didn't realize you were a MacUser....

  3. I just gasped orgasmically at my desk. At work. So jealous...

    Though I think my favorite part is that the picture is called "Love in a Box."

  4. As a HUGE fan of Macs, SW will be VERY proud! You'd better test it by sending e-mail... Enjoy!!! xoxo

  5. Ish - perhaps I'm reading into it, but you do seem somewhat relieved that I appear to be taking out my maternal inclinations on a (pretty, pretty) piece of machinery.

    Tyra - I was a Mac user ages and ages ago and have always loved them; but found them a little impractical (sadly) for work reasons until recently. I am so happy to make the return! *gush*

    nikki - you can come babysit.

    hakuna - Hi! I will do so tonight!

  6. Oh...I posted my comment before reading the others. I see you're going let nikki babysit. Fine then.

  7. SOF - of course you can also babysit. The more, the merrier!

    Michele - but you're cute!

  8. I literally just dropped a drool-ball from my mouth and onto my keyboard. I covet that computer. I am so incredibly envious. Please tell me you have a contact who can get them for free. Please?

  9. I have an iBook G4 but have been lusting after one of the new MacBooks...

  10. i can't wait to get mine next week ... i have found a beautiful name for her, and i am soooo in love!

  11. Hmmm they are beautiful, but dont fall in love too fast. I bought one a month ago and it gets officially hot enough to fry an egg, the sound input doesnt work and now it wont take CDs into iTunes any more.. Who said always wait for the second generation of Apple products> Wish I'd listened to them....


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