Oh, THIS Is Why I Should Not Be Given Toys

Oh, hey! What's this thing called "Photo Booth"?
[15 minutes later]

HA! I look like something out of a clay-mation movie. I'm Evil School Marm!

I look like an evil school marm out of Wallace and Grommit
"Where's your homework, young man?!?!?"

Oooooh! Now I'm vying for a role in Lord of the Rings! Look! i'm a...um...thing! Like an imp-y thing! An elv-y thing! A THING! That I MADE! On my computer!!!
something out of Lord of the Rings

Oh! Oh! And look! I can be all VOGUE except also POP and incredibly famous for like 15 whole minutes!
15 Minutes

And then there's this silly feature, where it takes pictures of me just looking like... me. (And what fun is THAT?)
just me Photo 9.jpg
(Ignore my holding my hands against my face so as to avoid excessive chins...)

La la laaaaaaaa...mmmmmmm...maaaaaaaac......


  1. SO cute!!!

    (The last ones, I mean.)

  2. I believe you owe me a new laptop, K. I seem to have squirted soda out of my nose onto mine.

    I'd like the new macbook, please.

  3. Kristy.. been reading you blog for a long time, good to see some pics of you.. I LOVE the one of you holding your "chins" *grin*

    Ish is a lucky boy :-)

  4. Go ahead. Rub it in.

    tee hee

  5. You're beautiful. But I would say that even without having seen your pictures. :)

  6. you are such a cute little elv-y thing.

    I'm glad I'm not the only person in the world who puts her hands on her face when being photographed to hide that which should not exist...it seems to work out much better for you than it does for me.

  7. love love love the very last pix of you. You're adorable!!!!

  8. Ericha2@comcast.net9:19 AM, August 03, 2006

    OMG...The first pic is so Dolores Umbridge! While in the second you could be a house elf!~

    Yeah, I'll just crawl back into my geeky corner of the Potterverse now.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. Yikes, ericha2, that's exactly what I thought of when I saw the first pic...scary. Going back to Hogwarts myself now...

  10. yayayayayay!!! Let's hear it for Mac!!! whoohooo!!! I love my little mac.

  11. Oh, just wait until you discover Garage Band.

  12. This is your favorite blogger.

    This is your favorite blogger on Mac.

    Any questions?

  13. What a hoot! I love your stuff. Still laugh thinking about the description you gave of falling down a flight of concrete steps - and posting the bruise to prove it! Definitely a laugh riot - and reminded me of my niece. She visited her mom who was suffering a broken thigh, slipped and broke 3 bones in her own toe, and made her dad take her to the emergency room - on FATHER's DAY! And you thought you had problems!

  14. Very fun! I love those pictures!

  15. Love the Lord of the Rings picture!
    Whatever Middle Earth creature you be, you are a cute one.

  16. I love the upside-down finger! Very cute pictures!

  17. you are very cute in those pics. i'm going to try that hands under the face thing to hide excess chin. do you have to pratice it in the mirror first to get it right?

  18. What, Ish, you don't think Evil School Marm is cute???

    I'm still cackling...

  19. I'm with everyone else - seeing those top photos? The hardest I have laughed in a LONG time.

  20. better than a funhouse mirror!


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