This entry has been edited. Hopefully it makes sense now.

I finally registered the domain "She Just Walks Around With It" dotcom. As in, you can now go to: and that will take you to this here blogspot address.

In my world, it's easier to remember. Especially because according to my keyword analysis, most people search for "she just walks around with it." So I thought it made sense.

And it only took me like, two years to do!


  1. Am an idiot. Fully clicked like five times on the link and couldn't figure out what was happening.

  2. Um, it doesn't look very different.

  3. I still can't figure out what's happening.

  4. Oh yay! Yay for domains!
    Next: WordPress.

  5. I found you by typing 'hotties from SF"

  6. I'd like to be the first person to link to your new domain! Well...other than you.

    Just found your site and loving every bit!

    -Tom Coffee

  7. OK, now I'm interested in following your lead... so how does one go about registering a domain name?

  8. beth, skip, jessi -- thanks for the feedback. hopefully everything's cleared up now. sorry for writing lamely.

    slop -- flattery will get you everywhere.

    tom -- welcome! thanks! we like the crazy!

    doris -- erm. i went to one of many domain registries. i used but there's lots of others, like once you register your name (not too expensive), you can set up URL forwarding. (i had to pay separately for that, but it was easy to do.) and um, that was it. WAY easier than defragging. :)

  9. I actually liked it better when everyone was wondering what the hell was going on....I clicked on it like three time before I figured it out. I thought the vagueness was intentional.....and that made me laugh.

    It was just a funnier post when everyone was going "WTF!?" while waiting to see some fantastic new site that you designed with your new fragless Mac.

  10. more funny photobooth pictures! (i don't get bored of them... easily amused.)


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