After a year-and-a-half of blogging, I am proud.

Proud, I tell you.

I have clearly made my mark on the Internet. I have made an impact.

I know this, of course, not by all of you wonderful invisible internet people. Not by your fabulous feedback and commentary. Not by the satisfaction I get from telling you about the mundane details of times I embarrass myself.


I know that I have made a difference on the Internet -- and the world -- by how and when She Walks comes up in people's Internet searches.

I will admit, I am endlessly entertained by how people end up on this blog. (I am also endlessly entertained by what people search for in general.)

For example:

Search Results


I don't mean to sound judgmental, but if MY breasts were growing at such an alarming rate that I could no longer walk? I might skip the step of using GOOGLE and perusing BLOGS and go straight to the doctor's office.

But maybe that's just me.

Now, these make a little more sense:


I see these search results -- results that led people right here -- and think I am most definitely serving my fellow humankind.

Note: for those who have inquired - I use StatCounter. It's pretty robust for a free offering.


  1. not fair, my boobs are growing and i can still walk!

  2. I don't have a fraction of the entries that you do, and yet I've recently attracted "plucking hairline" and "premade spreadsheets wardrobe" (using Excel to dress yourself?). I've also gotten a few hits for "dancers stage flaming lips animal wrangler", but that actually relates to something.... ;)

  3. Thank you for finding the women whose breasts are still growoing (and FAST!). Now, I'll just need the complete details of that search result (names, emails, phone numbers, frequency of cup size changes, you know the basics).

  4. I personally am enjoying "south beach diet" followed by "bacardi". Damn straight. No diet of mine is going to tell me I can't drink rum!

  5. rebecca - careful what you wish for!

    leah - i LOVE "premade spreadsheets wardrobe"! i suspect it actually means that there are people out there who use spreadsheets to track their clothes and/or what they wear. that's simply amazing to me.

    OM - funny, Ish had the same response...

    amberance - yes indeedy. in fact, i titled one of my very first posts "south beach diet for drunks." because you know.

  6. I take a strange pride in the fact that my blog is the first thing that comes up when one Googles "beet loaf".

  7. It was a pleasure to slog through your blog. ;) Thank you for leaving a note on mine, and for the link. I'm all flavors of flattered and appreciative.

    By the way, according to your ENFJ-ness, we're supposed to be, like, SUPER compatible. =P

    Gosh, I sound so creepy. I'm done for the day, I think.

  8. stats on my blog? i am afraid to look at the numbers.

    good for you for being brave.

  9. The only thing I've ever gotten googled for was "insta-texture." So I googled that myself and couldn't find me in the first, oh, I don't know, MILLION pages. Someone has way to much time on their hands.

    Have you ever used SiteMeter? Do you think StatCounter is better?

  10. "Sexual Education" and "Body Bouncer" have brought me some visitors. I'm a total snoop and am addicted to my StatCounter log. Helped me narrow down who might be the twit leaving snarky comments. Also got me gazine off into space, pondering just who it is in Russia who keeps stopping by for a read...

  11. I, too, am completely amazed and highly amused by (a) what people search for and (b) how some of these random searches lead them to my blog!

    "I see these search results -- results that led people right here -- and think I am most definitely serving my fellow humankind."
    I will laugh at that for hours.




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