The Thing About Blogs

from the onset, i’ve had a really tough time knowing how to go about writing about Ish. i mean, i write about him in a general sense, but don’t provide a lot of specifics.

[actually, that’s true about just about everyone: i feel that it’s fair for me to write about…well…me…because I’m crazy and know it and whatever. but writing about other people, even in relation to me? that’s tricky.]

with Ish, it’s especially tricky. it’s hard for me to discuss my thoughts and feelings about him without giving context. but the problem with “context” is that that's his personal stuff: his background, his experiences, his life. and if he’s not broadcasting his stuff to the blogosphere, who am i to do so for him? (even if that's just a by-product.)

so yeah. tricky. i mean, where is the line? where does it surpass writing about me and my stuff and become writing about him and his stuff?

i’m not sure i know where that line is, but i have tried hard not to cross it.

and then i totally misstepped.


all's well that ends well (and all's just fine and dandy), so i return us now to our regularly scheduled programming of bathroom shenanigans and breezy elegance and progress reports on No Joy In '06.


  1. i'm so glad you wrote this because i had come to the conclusion that i had dreamt that post about you and ish. and then i was creeped out that i was dreaming about you two!

  2. wha--I am so confused. I get that I missed an original post, that has since been removed. But I hope all is well. Between the last two posts, I just want to give you a hug.

  3. so...i don't get it. i read the post that has been deleted, and wasn't it about what you and Ish exchanged for christmas gifts? how is that invading his personal stuff?

  4. who or what is ish?

  5. Ish is her boyfriend and he gave her a regular ring as one of her gifts, then she made a comment about ring finger. I 'think' that is what this is about - but it is not lear. K - clarify, please.

  6. oh ok, i thought it was fish lol lol lol

  7. It's a tough line. I have on occasion had to edit a post or two to take back personal stuff about Partner.

    Ah well.

  8. yeah, I know my Other half is not interested in reading my blog but I always have to think 'how would he react if he read this?' I tend to let it all hang out and he tends to be to find the middle ground.

    On the topic of not reading my blog, he says 'if I have to read your blog to know what's going on in your life, we've got serious troubles brewing' Good point.


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