No Joy For Fridget

please forgive the hurried nature of this update, but i have rather disturbing and urgent news:

fridget jones is dead.

yes, you read that right.


frankly, i never saw it coming. when i left her on friday afternoon all was well. she was perfectly happy and healthy. but when i walked in yesterday morning, she was making this god-awful hacking-crying sound. and i opened her and she was all feverish and melty.

i don't know what sort of disease she caught, but i'm afraid that she has had to be put to sleep.

this is most tragic.

all my grocery glorification energy has been sapped from me.

NJ06 has taken a black turn.



    It's hard when they are taken from us so young.

  2. I hope you are getting your money back.

  3. What the HELL was in that coworker's lunch bag???????????????

  4. Sounds like a bad case of the fridge flu!

    IIF in Fresno

  5. She was so young...Did she have insurance?

  6. oh my god! kristy.. my prayers are with you and fridget. well, uh, "were" would be more appropriate, i guess. poor fridget. may she chill in peace.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss, and know that very few appliances can take the place of Fridget. And yet, just maybe an upgrade will be able to do what they usually attribute to time, what with the healing and all.

  8. I agree with nicole, though no amount of money can make the pain go away, she has to have at least a 30 day money back guarantee. I am so sorry.

  9. Oh honey, my thoughts are with you and in this time of need. I can't help but feel suspicious of the co-workers lunch-bag also. Sabotage perhaps? As you go through the five stages of grief, call me when you get to "bargaining" and maybe we can work something out ;-)

  10. Oh no! Poor, poor Fridget! Why must all the good die young?

    I hope you have found some comfort to aid you thru this difficult time.

    We, your IIFs, are always here if you need us.

  11. My condolences. I am sure this won't make you feel any better, but perhaps a quick replacement is in order. I know that replacing her will not take the pain away, but maybe, just maybe, it will help ease the greif.

  12. You've got to be kidding me! Fridget was just a wee lassy, with many years of chillin' ahead of her. May she rest in peace. Now at least you have an excuse to eat McDonald's for lunch.

  13. It could have been a disease from the "sharing" of space. You shouldn't have let others use her.

    Poor poor Fridget.

  14. she was clearly defective.

    ship her back and demand a replacement.

    fridget did not die in vain!


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