Green-Eyed Monsters

for those of you wondering, i'm talking about her.

not only is she gorgeous and managing a ginormous book deal (and i believe is now writing a sitcom, uh huh), but...well...i dunno.

i guess it's just that i don't want to compare myself and i don't want to be envious, but i do and i am. for reasons that are probably completely self-explanatory, though not entirely shallow (just mostly).

and i don't say this to try and earn your sympathy or praise, really. it just is what it is.

* * * * *

IN OTHER NEWS, i have returned Fridget Jones I whence she came. i am expecting a replacement now. i'm not sure what she shall be named, but i am simply thinking Fridget Jones Junior, because i like saying "fridget"* and she could have the nickname JJ.

can you tell i need a weekend?

*go ahead, say it aloud.


  1. Fridget!Fridget!Fridget!Fridget!Fridget! There. Much better.
    Regarding Stephanie Klein, yes, she's beautiful, talented and successful. So are you by any reasonable measure of those words. It's just a metter of degree I think. Besides, she looks quite a bit older than you and further you don't know all the unseen stuff there. What connections she has, who she knows, who she blows, etc, etc... So don't be too hard on yourself. BTW stop by and leave me a comment sometime? Check out some of my tunes and artwork on ? Thanks yer a doll. Cheers!

  2. Hi Kristy,

    I guess I have been under a rock or something because this is the first I've heard of Stephanie Klein. Your's was the first blog I ever read, I found you on CL about year ago? Because of you I am now a certified blogstalker of you, Purl, Whinger, and others. My point is, I am a connoisseur of fine blogs and in my opinion, your is better. I just read her about me and favorite posts and yes, she's good, but your voice is better. More palatable, if that makes any sense.

    What do I know?! :)

  3. Stephanie Klein seems *way* too self-absorbed to me, Kiki, though I'll admit she's damned good at name-dropping. Yawn. Ah, well, there's no accounting for taste. I'm totally neutral, of course, but if I *had* to choose, I'd take you.

  4. i'm not going to pump you up, i'm certain all your other iifs will gladly boost your ego to incredible heights in no time at all.

    but if you're envious of someone who has a blog and a receptive audience, well then, i dunno, that's your world to carry on your shoulders, atlas.

    i read your blog because i choose to do so; no one makes me and no one chooses for me.

    i'm certain there's lots of people out there who agree with me, we choose you because...well, because we just do, that's all.

    so choose us, kristy, choose us and not so other slimy snotty pompous iif.


  5. Never heard of Staphanie Klein before, but I've been reading your blog forEVer, and you're actually funny and a real person. Whereas this SK woman seems like, well not to be a bitch - but kind of a bitch? Would you really want to hang with someone who knows that for breakfast she had *four* low-fat pringles? I mean, does she not realize that since they're lowfat you don't have to keep track of the number you had? Come on people. SO not someone to be jealous of - I don't care if she's got 500 book deals, 95 fabulous handbags, and etc., me no likey. I choo-choo-choose you :)

  6. Yeah, honey. You're WAY better. And that's coming from a fellow member of Stephanie's tribe. Plus, she's not much of a speller:
    "Welcome folks. Today is pay what you way day for children 12 and under."

  7. You make me laugh.

    She makes me tired.

    Thanks for being.

  8. You're cuter. She looks annoying.

  9. I agree with everyone above. I always feel a bit guilty cause I've been reading your blog every day since May, and I've never left a comment before. Wonder how many other loyal followers you have that you don't know about? I certainly look forward to your blog every morning when I get into work. And like renman said, you are real. In fact, I love that you actually arranged for your iif to meet you. I couldn't make it then, but since i'm local (east bay), I'd be thrilled if you did another one. I'd definitely make the treck into the city for that this time. So just be assured that we love you and you probably have as many loyal readers as the other chick.

  10. There are many, many NYC female bloggers. And many of them get a lot of attention (Heather L. Hunter of This Fish, for example).

    K is in the same general arena - a single female writing about dates, men, food, lonliness, wanting a man, etc. It makes sense that you (K) would want the same attention, and even if your IIFs love you only, that gotta admit that there are many in this genre.

  11. She's great! Thanks for the link.

  12. SK is in LOVE with herself. So annoying, and you are not.

  13. anonymous 5:01,

    indeed, there are about a million zillion bloggers who write in this genre. so the question is, why has she gotten the acclaim she has (versus so many who haven't)? and while i don't want to, i find myself having to wonder what makes her more readable/likeable/enviable/marketable. i don't like the answers.

    and you know, i'm not even saying she doesn't deserve every bit of acclaim she has, i just think plenty of others are just as worthy. for goodness' sake -- half the people who comment here have remarkable lives and blogs and are more accessible and more real and more charming (to me) than she seems. is all.

  14. First there was Fridget and then there was ReFridget....

  15. God Lord, missy! You are vastly more fun to read than SK. I found her blog long before yours and frankly, I stopped reading it past a day or 2 because, well, she's boring. Yes, she has a great life. Yes, she is pretty. But seriously, you are so much wittier and smarter AND you've got the great life and pretty. Not get back to bloggin'

  16. oops! That's "now get back to bloggin"

  17. K -

    You did hit it on the head with your reply. What she has, that others do not, seems to be more media savy marketing of herself and connections. I do not think that her content is "more readable/likeable/enviable/marketable", but she seems to have marketing connections and a knack for self-promotion.

    It seems to work for her, but damn she IS SO annoying.

  18. I just found your blog a few days ago (and I have no idea what "iif" means), but even upon short acquaintence, I was hooked.

    I tried to read SK to understand what the big deal was. I don't get it.

    I'd like more recognition for my writing too--what's wrong with that?

    You are funny, honest and much more readable than SK. I'll be back.

  19. Hey Kristi, I found your blog first too, though I've only been reading it for a couple weeks. I love it :) I'd say "don't worry, you're awesome," but it sounds like yours is the jealousy that comes with ambition and a competitive spirit, so I figure you'll be okay :)

  20. kristy,

    why does some flavor-of-the-month sugar-rock-mountain pop candy he-man (or she-woman, for that matter) get nominated for the glitzy award or receive the snazziest photo-op or is most likely to appear on Oprah or Leno or Letterman...rather than the person who has toiled for years in the shadow of Broadway or Hollywood's fame, or been brushed aside by the press photogos because they're blocking the view of Mr. or Ms. So-and-So, or been bumped from the evening's broadcast line-up after a far more important person has confirmed their booking?

    It's called life. It happens. It's survival of the fittest. It isn't going to be fair, it isn't going to be impartial, and it most certainly isn't going to make sense.

    But as others have alluded, regardless of the "facts of life" or whatever you wanna call the way things seem to fall in place, your iif's (imaginary internet friends) who have found their way to this little niche of yours in the vast universe of cyberspace seem to be in agreement that your corner of the world makes the world just a little bit better for just BEING.

    And maybe, just maybe, you might get a turn in the cosmic way of being and find yourself traveling upon a path that had previously been ever-so-elusive...

    and I can only hope, if and when that happens, you'll remember this moment in time when what you really wanted wasn't happening and you simply couldn't have predicted that it would happen after all...but you sure as hell wasn't going to stop doing what you love(d) most in the meantime.

    why else do writers sit down and begin writing what they imagine is the next great American novel?

    why else do actors and actresses put as much effort and faith and belief in an off-off-Broadway production as they would a Broadway production emblazoned with kleig (sp?) lights?


    whether you have what she has or not, you have so much more to be appreciative of and grateful for.

    you have a voice...and believe it or not, we hear you, kristy. we HEAR you and we're all the better for it.

  21. i agree. i'm not so crazy about the stephanie girl. i got enough about the ridiculously expensive shoes and handbag stuff from sex and the city. love that show, but it was one of a kind. i love you k, and i love your blog, and you were the one who inspired me to start one of my own, and hope that something great for you will come of yours.

  22. Ok, so here I am again BWD. Blogging while drunk. I just had to say that, even before I met you in person and experienced your wit and charm...maybe what attracts me to your blog is the fact that you're NOT marketing (aka whoring) yourself out. You started this blog about your desires to make some changes in your life, and did it in a way that was and still is, real and witty, and charming. Then, because of all the above, you were on Best of CL and then had a local paper do an article on you...but that wasn't by your choice, or marketing. It was the choice of your readers. You should feel so proud about the loyal fans you have based purely on your writing and subject matter, rather than marketing skills. You know?

  23. JJ = not good name for broken thing. Or maybe good name for broken thing.


    Oh,'re talking about working thing. That could be a good name for a working thing.

    Never mind. I ceased to make sense last Tuesday.

  24. Kristy,

    I checked out SK's blog - - there is NO comparison - - yours is definitely the best of the two! :-)

    Keep on blogging - - I need my daily Kristy "fix"!!

  25. hey Kristy settle down ( I mean that in a good way) Dont be so angry over some other girls blog like the anouther poster said "who she knows or who she blows" worry about one person you!!!! I read her blog and my eyes began to bleed, my head began to hurt, so I did what any selfrespecting middle aged guy wold do I went back to the sexy easy on the eyes good looking blond who would not give me the time of day standing on a crowded bus in the middle of rush hour....

    Get over it...In a nice way
    I know where you live and work and hang out cuz I'm a stalker

    Brian Hurley

  26. I couldn't make it past her latest post. I found my eyes glazing over. "So and so has this handbag, I MUST HAVE IT SQUEEEEE!!!" No, thanks.

    If I wanted that nonsense, I'd watch The OC or reruns of 90210.

    Here's what I think it is (and this is straight from my armpit so take it as you will):
    People are ENAMORED with NYC. It's this huge city, full of so many kinds of different people moving along at this frenetic pace. And there is culture and history and fashion and stars and...emptiness. Now, I've never been to NYC and honestly, I wouldn't mind visiting just to look at the buildings and visit used bookstores and music stores and see grand hotels. But, why in deity's name would you want to live where you have to pay $12000000000000000 for a 300 sq ft (if you are lucky) closet? Where people name drop and think about parties and fashion shows and all of these vapid, inane things.

    Again, I decline the offer. I prefer to read about someone who is struggling with overcoming stage fright issues, refrigerator outages and knitting. You know why? Because THAT is real life. Not Prada handbags and needing more bracelets.

    Anyways, this comment has gone on way too long. Just keep plugging away at what you do and know that your breezy elegance may not win over Hollywood bigwigs, but you've got quite a following in the internet world and people love to read the things you write. I know it always puts a smile on my face.

  27. Ericha2@comcast.net12:46 PM, January 21, 2006

    Everyone else has said what I wanted to say but alicia put it most eloquently. I say ditto.

    From my past experience in working with stars, albeit low-rated stars (we're not talking brad and angelina here, more like people you see in commercials and tv shows all the time but don't know their names) what comes around goes around. You can name drop all you want but if you have a crappy attitude (and it seems miss SK does) you'll quickly be dropped off the hotlist. No one likes to deal with crappy attitudes.

    You on the other hand have a wonderful attitude, a wit and charisma SK can't even fathom. You, K, have staying power. Keep at the blogging and stand up and all the other things you do well. You never know who might be watching or reading.

    All the best to you!

  28. How about Fridget Fonda? Since you are so fond of her after all...

  29. Yesterday, I was talking to someone I know who lives in Williamsburg and works in Manhattan as a web designer (seriously on top of all the web skinny in the Big Apple). She had never heard of Miss Klein (book deal notwithstanding). Nuff said?

  30. At the risk of writing more on this post than you did, K., I really must point out one more thing. Many of us watched "Sex and the City" religiously, but it was not primarily because of how stunning and clever the characters were. It was because of how human they were. Inside. Just like the rest of us. What I love about you is that you pretend you're going to a different floor on the elevator so that other people won't know your bathroom habits. And you spill on your boobs. And you get falling down drunk. And you manage to laugh and keep going. And that's why I keep coming back. The writers (book, blog, and screen) that we adore most are those able to capture our tenderest vulnerabilities, not our flashiest triumphs. Now, I swear, I'll shut up.

  31. Well personally, I think she's snobby and not funny. So opposite of you. I'd take you over her anyday. :)

  32. i think blogs will no longer be around by 2008.

  33. I gotta tell ya....she rambles way too much in her writing...jumps all over to too many topics.

    Sorry, just can't be a fan of her...


  34. I've been reading both you and SK for, well, as long as I've been reading blogs... I appreciate both of your writing for completely different reasons. just like life would be boring if all your friends were exactly the same, had the same accomplishments. reading blogs would be boring if they were all the same. also, Steph's been at the blogging thing at least twice as long as you. give it time, you never know what may happen.

    oh, yeah, and green's not really your color... ;~)

  35. Hi Kiki ... what do you think we are, new? Nice try.

  36. Here's something - I commented ONCE on "that girl's" site - and I said something NICE - and still I am banned from ever commenting again. WTF?

    Really, I don't get it. Really.

    (Now don't you go banning me too just to be like her: )

  37. I guess it's quite strange, stumbling upon this comment section, your blog, all of it. A friend of mine pointed me here, and I'm glad he did. It seems to me you have nothing at all to be green about. I also want to tell you, blogger to blogger, that I admire what you do. Keep in mind the book and tv deal didn't come from having a blog; it came from working really hard (for 6 months, while also working full-time) on a book proposal. It didn't come because some publisher discovered me one night. It came because I worked and wanted. When you are ready, I'm sure you can be do have everything you want.

    You could have been malicious. You chose not to be, which speaks volumes about your character and esteem.

    You are talented, just as you are. Which is quite Mr. Darcy of me to say, but true all the same.

  38. You're just better, more funny. Funny is always better. Also, too many photos of oneself is creepy, and I know because I have a lot of me, and it's weird.

  39. Hey Kristi,
    I'd never heard of SK before either and have been reading your blog for about a year.
    Don't be jealous and please don't think that her writing is in anyway superior to yours, it is not.
    Cheers from Manhattan!

  40. K,

    Your blog is an example of jealousy and high school games. I wish I could put together a list of the misinformation, assumptions, mean things said about someone who(I read) and has 1- never said a mean thing about anyone 2- just writes. that's it. like you and every other blogger. 3- Is judged negatively for accomplishing.

    Grow up, children. Speak of what you know. Love KIKI for who she is and what she writes. get a life.

  41. the best i have ever read about this phenomena was written by industrywhore regarding opinionista who was a lawyer who quit her job to write a book. from there people criticized her motives, looks, background, you name it. this is what people who read blogs do and it's ugly.

    you should check it out and the comments.

  42. The thing about SK that bothers me is that she never actually talks about real things. You never know what her deal really is. She is too vague - you are more real.

  43. opinionista =

    industrywhore =

  44. ok. what am i missing? that chick's blog? pathetic. she's a terrible writer, not funny, and do i really give a rat's ass when her boyfriend goes down on her? um. let me answer that: no.

    please. leave it to hollywood to glorify yet another slut.

    don't be green K. you are far funnier and a far better writer than she could ever wish. barf.

    and i would say this even if you didn't link to my blog. ;-)

  45. Thanks for the link- I like both blogs, yours is real and unintimidating and hers is real and yes, a bit like the homecoming queens blog, it's like the celebrity blog, but is also incredibly honest.
    I wasn't the homecoming queen but I should have been and honestly K you should have too.

    Your blog is real hers is a fantasy world I will probably never know and will visit just to escape from my mundane DC city life.

    Keep doing what you are doing, you have got it right.

  46. You really don't have anything to be jealous about... in my honest opinion you are far more talented and original. Stephanie Klein may think she has "worked" for her book and tv deal, and therefore earned it, but when it really comes down to it she's simply filling in an empty slot, literally. I've read her blog and find her incredibly vain and vapid--unnattractive in just about every way possible (and what's up with her hairline?). She makes me laugh out loud and not in a good way. Anyone can see that SK is riding on the coattails of the whole Sex and the City genre and cashing in, as are a lot of other writers these days. It's tiresome and unoriginal but the reality is that people who sell books or sitcoms don't care about quality so much as quantity. Dollars and sense, baby. That's the real green-eyed monster.


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