Fridget Jones

well, Fridget is no longer alone and barren.

yesterday afternoon, my coworker P* asked, very sweetly, if she might keep some soup in Fridge. i said of course (and was happy to have something -- anything -- in it since that's what it's for and also i'm wasting electricity).

then this morning after the gym, i bought some sparkling water and an apple just so i'd have something to keep in there.

and when i mentioned this to my pod-mates, P said: "well, i didn't want to take up too much space in Fridget,** but if you really don't mind, i could put my whole lunch in there." which of course made me very happy.

so now there is a whole lunch bag sitting in Ms. Jones.

as of today, she is officially useful!***

*P as in Partner as in hers.

**she did not actually call her Fridget because she didn't know it had a name. she does now.

***i have many other things to blog about but no time. drats!


  1. So i left for a month and went to ireland. I just got back and figured I had to catch up on my Postsecret and Shewalks. Yeah.

    Here's to you K. You never sease to make me laugh my ass off. I can relate to so much of what you blog you make me feel like maybe I'm not the only one who slacks off on losing wieght, decides to organize her closets but never gets it done, leaves messes for days at a time hoping someone else will clean them up (I live alone) and... well so many other things.

    And for all of that I thank you and wish you luck with NJ06.

  2. First, don't forget to take pics. You compare with that old blog pic of your refrigerator at home with the butter being bullied out by the milk or something like that. Secondly,(not like I'm the poster child for healthy living or anything) watch out for some of those sparkling waters because a lot of them are high in sodium (sodium = water retention, amongst other things). Ok...keep it goin' girl! You may even inspire me!

  3. now if you could only train 'fridget' to do your work outs for you...that would be a REALLY useful job!!

  4. You are so funny - I lost your blog somewhere in my list of things to read, and then Miss Kendra pointed you out to me because I'm apparently being punished and have to go to your fair city tomorrow for 9 hours (and 9 hours only!) and I don't know what to do while I'm killing time waiting for my boss' passport.

    I hate passports. Unless I get to go somewhere.

    Any suggestions on something to do near the 600 block of Market Street?

  5. I once brought a coffee maker into work, vowing to brew up the gourmet shit everyday. I imagined myself the life of the office with delicious- maybe even fair trade -coffee. That thing was used once and then I forgot to clean it and it got real stinky.

    I see better things for the Fridget!

  6. best of luck to all...and to all a good night!!!

  7. Hi. I found you through someone else's blog. I have to tell you that you are damn funny! You should write a book woman. The way you tell a story is like I am sitting there having a conversation with you. I read your story about the worst kiss and I was laughing so hard I had tears down my face. My wife walked into the room and asked me what was wrong so I had her read it too. You Rock!

  8. This is totally random and not at all related to this post but I just wanted to respond to a comment that someone left on a previous post about THANK YOU whoever you were for posting it! So in love with her system, despite the fact that I'm a single, 20-something urban professional--her exact opposite. Ok, just wanted to share.

    PS K--I love your blog. I see myself in you and your adventures so many times.


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