NJ06: Update The First

::::warning: BORING entry:::::

i cannot imagine reading updates on my "No Joy In '06" will be entertaining in any way, shape, or form. but i've decided to write them *anyway* because it helps me feel more accountable. and like my progress (or lack thereof) is real and measurable and trackable.


so far so good.

for the first week of No Joy In '06, i fared pretty well. i didn't make any miraculous changes, but i made some baby steps in the right direction.

now, no. i didn't go to the gym. i knew enough to reserve that for week two of the plan (or NJ06-w2). and by "knew enough" i mean i know better than to try and change everything all at once. to return to work after a long absence and return to eating healthy and return to a hectic schedule all in one week is enough. to try and add going to the gym to that, right off the bat, would seem like too much.

but i DID buy a new battery for my iPod. and that is not unrelated at all. i have been using a stand-in mp3 player at the gym because my iPod's battery doesn't really work anymore and hasn't for months. and i can't work out without music. but my stand-in isn't working now, either. so without a functioning mp3 player, i have no incentive to go to the gym. thus, as part of the NJ06 plan (here = not putting off important tasks for no good reason), i finally bought a replacement battery. yay!

another big part of NJ06 is my idea that i'm going to bring my lunch to work with me. and this means buying groceries and making lunches ahead of time and actually bringing them into work, along with healthy snacks and stuff, too.

a novel idea, no?

well, yes, except i realized that the communal fridge at work is always overflowing with stuff. which makes me hesitant to want to bring my lunch, let alone a week's worth of snacks and things.

so i figured out how to fix that problem: i went ahead and bought myself a mini-fridge for my workspace!

meaning i have a fridge being delivered to me at work. and now i will have my own little place to keep all the healthy stuff i want. and i feel good about this because i know that waaaaaaay back there in '05, buying a mini-fridge would be something i'd think about but never actually do.

moving on.

eating-wise i did great. i'm essentially following a genericized south beach diet (phase II), which to me means:
  • cutting way back on carbs (cutting them out as much as possible)
  • when eating carbs, trying to only eat the "good" ones (like those in whole grains and beans and low-sugar fruits)
  • avoiding processed foods as much as possible -- the more natural, the better
  • being aware, in general, of caloric intake and keeping it reasonable
  • drinking less as a general rule, and not ever drinking anything sugary/high-carb (like beer)
and this week i did just fine. i was especially proud of myself last night when, after a healthy dinner and a couple* drinks with PinkJaime, i met up with Ish and went to a late-night diner with him and a friend. and even though it was late and i'd been drinking and there were french fries at my disposal, i had a diet coke.

so to recap NJ06-w1: prepped gym equipment. prepped workspace. stuck to eating plan. "did" a load of laundry. even got some absolutely necessary body work done. and resumed my comedy classes (so hard and scary!). and blogged a whole bunch.

goals for NJ06-w2: start going to gym. actually make lunch once fridge has arrived. make hair appointment (have serious roots issues). pay monthly bills. focus on work. write out stand-up material. "do" more laundry. CLEAN APARTMENT. buy big tubs for organizing closets. organize closets.



  1. forget the classes...you are either funny or you're not funny...any pro comic knows that...best of luck to you...

  2. Wow! All that in week one? I'm not sure I could complete all that entire year. You go gurrl!

  3. I'm way impressed! Although - I have to say, I don't want to be a part of No Joy 2006. No Joy? Egad!! Pour me another glass, bartender - because dieting/exercising/getting life togehter/blah diddy blah blah crap SUCKS.

    Oh, PS, one caveat: this is coming from me. I tried on my wedding dress today, and it is a teensy bit tight, and the wedding ladies were all freaked out and annoyed with me because (and this is amazing) the whole time I was like, "Um, okay, so can I send this one back and order a bigger one?" or "Hey, no fries for me at lunch...but let's go to lunch!".

    My point is - enjoy yourself in 2006! Decide to diet or eat well or exercise or whatever - but give yourself some joy.

    BTW, I have written this after many mANY glass of wine. Sorry so rambley-incoherent.

  4. VERY impressive for just two weeks into '06.

  5. Hi Kristy,
    Can you suggest any good work out tunes for the pod? I need some good, fast, dance type music that won't LET you stop *grin*


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