Get Up, Stand Up

oh hey, wouldja look at that?

haven't said much about stand-up these days, huh? yeah, no.

but in the true spirit of No Joy in '06, i told myself i couldn't chicken out anymore. stand-up is something i want to really try, really pursue, really make an effort at. (frankly, if i'm going to fail i want it to be because i'm not good, not because i didn't try.)

it still terrifies me.

i still want to stall on doing open mics, and when and if i DO get up the nerve to do an open mic, i want to not tell anyone and just do it in my own private way until i can guarantee i'm good.

but it doesn't work like that. and i'm never going to get better if i don't perform. and this is the year of forcing myself to do what i know i should be doing. what i know, deep down, i need to be doing.

so now, instead of hiding, i'm doing the opposite -- in genuine "She Walks" fashion. i'm blogging about it so that i hold myself accountable.

and thus...

*big breath*

I will be performing in an open mic this Friday night in San Francisco. The show begins at 6 p.m. and is free!

I will also be performing in my "grad" show on Saturday night. That show is also at 6 p.m. and is also free.

[so, um, what have we got to lose, right?]

I hereby invite any and all of you to come out and support! I promise nothing in the way of quality, but would love Love LOVE to see a friendly face or two. Plus you can BYO! And I promise to do the same for you when it's your turn.

email me for details.


  1. Whoo hoo! Can't wait. This is not NJ06 at far this year seems it has been all about joy...the joy of taking risks and following through. See you at the show! (Hey, did you notice that SK commented on your last post?).

  2. Kristy -
    I've been reading your blog for a while now but never commented before. I love it! You make me laugh out loud constantly - my husband thinks I'm insane, always walking around with my laptop laughing.
    I wish I could come see you do you stand-up! (Sadly, I live in Fort Worth.) I'm positive you will be great at it. Someday I will see you on Comedy Central and say, "I read her blog when..."
    Can't wait to read about how it goes! Break a leg!

  3. like JayAre, I've been reading your blog for a while and find you to be VERY humorous and entertaining.
    While I would love to be able to come and support you Friday or Saturday night, I'm in Sacramento and wouldnt be able to make it there by 6 on Friday and even though I will be in the city on Saturday I already have a prior engagement for that night.
    Best of luck. I look forward to hearing how great you did.

  4. what club in san francisco?

  5. Hey Kristy, I will totally come laugh uproariously at all of your jokes. Just tell me where. YOU CAN DO IT!

  6. I have also been reading for awhile and wish I could come see you, however I live in cleve, oh. I am proud of the way you are tackling NJ06! Keep it up!!!

  7. With all this can you fail? You cant!! Break a leg!!

    IIF in Fresno


    As an IIF, you should know that I am inspired by your NJ06. I am hammering myself into a habit that is good for me. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I love you for it.


  9. darn it, I wish I was going to be in town. I would totally want to go see my favorite single older chick perform. Break a leg.

  10. Way to go, Kristy! Best of luck to you - - You will be great!

    (IIF from Illinois)

  11. Anon 9:13. I think K said to email her for location. You think she's going to post it on here for creepy anon's like you to stalk her or ignorant little boys who call her they're favorite 'older chick' and actually did try to find her when he was in SF visiting?

  12. go you! yay nj06! man, i totally would come too, but am an east-coaster. knock 'em dead! break a leg! other encouragey phrases!

  13. Oops correction. I meant their, not they're. Actually the entire sentence is incorrect. I guess I meant "ignorant little boy who calls her his favorite 'older chick' and actually did try to find her when he was in SF visiting"

  14. Live the dream, Kristy. You inspire by your example.

    Now go unleash some kickass funny this weekend.


  15. Getaclue and shull o'fit seem strangely rabid for K. Have you got some of Grandma Memma's mutton in your pocket, Kristy?

  16. hi everyone -- thanks for your feedback and support/encouragement.

    if you're interested in coming to see the show(s), please just email me for the information.

    maybe someday when i have a bunch of gigs i'll figure out a way to post where i'll be (like Ish does), but till then i'm keeping things on the DL.


  17. Don't forget your "ME-ME-ME, MO-MO-MO, MAH-MAH-MAH" warm-up.
    And stage fright? Just think: what would Mary Tyler Moore do?

  18. How did I get dragged into getaclue's beef with Slopmaster? Anon who thinks I'm strangely rabid for K, ummm...huh? It seems you may be the one with issues. Why do I think that you're probably really Slopmaster? It's pretty obvious. Aren't you the one who posted once that you were out here and just knew you saw Kristy and then just knew where she lived or something? I have to agree, that is creepy.

  19. Great Blog - just discovered it last week and spent way too much of my bob's time getting up to date. Wish I was in SF so I could come to laugh with you, but I'm not so you will need to settle for a virtual cheer. Good luck and keep up the good blogging!

  20. Dammit! Now I wish I lived in SF!

    You're on a roll, keep going!


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