Not Taking This Laying Down

so again, waaaaaaaay back in 2005, do you know what i would have done with a broke-down fridge?

yes, of course you do. i would have left it under my desk for all eternity. it would have become a rather expensive shelf, and when, someday, i'd be forced to move, i would leave it there and claim no knowledge of it.

[oh, and by the way: poor P's lunch had nothing to do with Fridget's illness! P has been grieving the loss as much as i. she was a good a friend to Fridget, and i cannot condone mocking her during this period of mourning.]
but not THIS year. nosirreeboy.

THIS year i called them and am getting my return label and am going to ship it back and get a replacement because (and you can quote me on this) what are the chances i'd get TWO defective fridgets?

in the meantime, i will just eat my non-cold bread and peanut butter and my non-cold apple and drink my non-cold water and be proud that i have not let this sudden loss derail me from my NJ06 plans.


  1. what are the chances i'd get TWO defective fridgets?


  2. you normally refrigerate your peanut butter?

  3. i applaud your proactive approach, even as you mourn your loss.

    you are an example to us all.

  4. what diet to lose weight says to eat bread and PB?

  5. LOL!

    I'm going to have to agree with El_G on this one.

    You just jinxed yourself, sweetie!

    Do you have any salt handy? :P

  6. My apologies to "P" know how I love a good conspiracy. I'm a firm believer in the way to get over a recent loss is to replace it as fast as you can! Of course you seem to be replacing the loss in a much healthier way than I would! Happy "Back on Track" NJ06!

  7. kirin,

    that would be the south beach diet.

    the bread i allow myself is 100% whole grain (no sugars, only whole wheat flour).

    the peanut butter i eat it with is made from two ingredients: roasted peanuts and salt. 0 trans fat, full of "good" carbs and protein.

    for these reasons, i prefer to keep the peanut butter and bread refridgerated, but don't have to.

  8. i spelled refrigerated incorrectly again.

    damn that word.

  9. Tell me, tell me please, where in San Francisco do you find the 100% whole wheat bread without honey or molasses in it? I've been here a year (from England where 100% stone-ground brown bread grows on trees, don't you know) and, how can I put it, my plumbing really misses it.
    Thanks Kristy, oh the anticipation...

  10. Woops...I mean Kiki.

  11. it's divine intervention! a scale or exercise machine would be an advantageous addition to any dieter's cubicle, but a fridge?!?!?

  12. Anonymous 8:21. I can't speak for Kristy, but I'm not so sure how viable having an exercise machine in your cubicle is, depending on where you work,(and you still have to eat). Is there a shower and dressing room available also? A scale doesn't do much in the way of pro-actively losing weight. Just a wild guess here, but I'm thinking the refrigerator came into play so that one could have healthy food of one's choice, save money by preparing said food at home instead of buying take-out, (which usually isn't so healthy), and there was the issue of the communal refrigerator being too full to keep a week's worth of groceries. I believe I read somewhere in a recent post of Kristy's that she is also planning on going back to the gym, but didn't do it on week one. I believe she mentioned something about baby-steps too. If you couldn't be supportive, or even humorous, wasn't there any other way to spend your time and energy than to be critical?

  13. Geez - don't buy into the South Beach Hype. IF you really want to be serious about being more healthy and losing weight you need to change how/what you eat permanently. Healthy foods and less calories. period. No bacon/steak BS is gonna keep you thin and healthy in the long run.

    Girl, break out the carrots and the running shoes. Get yer ass in bed early and up to exercise in the am. And blog in-between, so we cheer you on for that.

  14. Congrats on taking the initiative! Hope your new fridget arrives quickly and in good health. Seems like you can’t mention anything about your weight loss efforts without someone “helpfully” chiming in. If I’ve learned anything about weight loss, it’s that what works best for one person may not work for the next. You’ve got to try some things out, do a little research, and then stick with changes that work (and you can live with.) There is one magic equation though. If your calories expended equals more than your calories consumed, *poof* you lose weight! Weather it’s a specific “diet” plan or just making some simple changes in the way you already eat, if you can make that happen you will have success. Good job K, keep on truckin’.

  15. Wow, look at you, tempting fate by asking "what are the odds?" Good luck with your new, no-doubt more defective than the last, fridge.

    Knocking on wood for you.

  16. ...just to add my righteous little voice to the mix: anonymous 1:13, dude, the south beach diet IS healthy. read about it. the whole point of it is to change your eating habits for life.

    and kristy, i've got to agree, you are SO getting another defective fridge now ;-)

  17. Alice - don't call me a dude, as I am not.

    K - you have your full name on your site..would it be safer to not show your real last name???

  18. thanks, shenanigans & alice:

    anon -- yes, please read about the SBD before you tell me it's not about eating healthy and changing my habits. it is.

    it does have similar attributes to atkins, such as limiting carb consumption, but it also makes distinctions between 'good' and 'bad' carbs.

    further, it takes fat into consideration and does not espouse eating meats or high-fat dairy.

    there are really no two ways about what eating healthy looks like. trust me, i know.

  19. TAG! You're it....

  20. *tsk*tsk*tsk*

    there we go again, shullyshellyshrillyfitly


    play nice or we'll take your sucker away. no more criticizing non-critically-intended posts, y'hear?

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