Desperate Times

at 3:45 p.m. today i realized that i was loopy.* and then i realized that i had forgotten to eat lunch.

meaning that other than my morning coffee, i had not consumed anything at all. (sometimes if i get caught up in a Bob-related tryst, i forget to eat. this doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen.)

thus, more incoherence than usual.

and as there are not a lot of food options at 3:45, i am eating an apple, lunchables (20 carbs) and a diet red bull.

and no, lunchables are most definitely NOT "unprocessed" but you know.

in related news, my mini-fridge came! it's here with me and Bob now, barren (but cold). i will not be able to go shopping for groceries until wednesday, but it will happen. it MUST.

or, um, or ELSE.

anyway, if you are one of the folks who is reading this who is friends with Bob, feel free to come by and meet the mini-fridge. i think i'll name her Fridget Jones.

pay no attention to the wet spots all down my shirt, either. apparently i can even "spill" an apple.


need. more. calories.

*yes, yes. more so than usual. thanks for mentioning it.


  1. Ericha2@comcast.net4:38 PM, January 09, 2006


    It's was to be my first resolution day and then last night I had to go and drink like a bottle and a half of red wine. Of course that left me with a wicked hang over today and in much need of bad for me, greasy food, which is the only thing that ever makes my day after sick stomach calm down.

    So I had McDonald's for lunch. I am still going to the gym tonight, though my body may thwart my attempt to be somewhat healthy today I have to try. Then I have to go home and pass out.

  2. Fridget Jones..ha! You kill me! Sometimes when I'm with Bob, I forget to go to the bathroom until I'm on my way home on BART and so then I have to duck into the first bar at my stop. Of course then, you can't just use the bathroom, that would be rude. So I have a drink and then head out and then have to go again 'cause of the beer and well, then there's the next bar...

  3. Y'know...Safeway delivers. You can pick out everything online (even saying 4 granny smith apples), and they'll deliver it right to your door...carrying it up stairs if they need to. For like eight bucks.

  4. Well since Whinger brought it up...I found this site that will deliver gourmet style meals to your place by 6 a.m. (diet - healthy) which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. It seems a little expensive, but when I worked out how much I spend on eating out and happy hour, it's actually less per diem. They have a 45 day rotating menu and you can tweak it.

  5. Damn, I can never do this in one try. I meant dessert.

  6. I'm doing South Beach, too. Day 9 of Phase 1 today and so sick of eggs for breakfast.

    But I did invent something yummy this evening. You know the Ricotta Cream desserts they have you doing every night? Tonight I did it with vanilla extract and pumpkin pie spice. Not bad. Tastes a bit eggnoggish.

  7. Hey K,

    Ever thought what you'll do when one of your co-workers starts in with some "fridget" envy there at Bob's?

    Isn't there an etiquette book or something that covers this very thing in a chapter or two? You know, a chapter called "step away now if you know what's good for you" or maybe even "put it down or I'll put you down"??

    Say, when did you say you're gonna start the gym thingy again? Or is that gymaroo? Gymbanjoree? You know what I mean, right?


  8. anon, i feel like you're mocking me.

    probably deservedly, but still.

    i will reply anyway.

    i was supposed to start the gym thing tomorrow, pending the iPod battery exchange. we shall see.

  9. Hey, saw you on Link2Blogs just wanted to let you know, it's working. Lunchables are awesome.

    - Horace Finkle, Teenage Ghost
    For a good laugh, call:

  10. I don't think anon was mocking you, just being 'funny'. Can we suggest items for your fridge? Here's my list for you:

    sliced red peppers

    Also - my .02 cents is that you should feel free to comment on Ish in anyway you want - once you start to overthink it, it gets boring and false. ..and you we are reduced to discussing veggie snacks ;)

  11. why don't you order some groceries from - its a $50 minimum, but you could have them deliver to work...i did that once, its kinda fun! :)

    You could order a case of water, and some other non-perishables to make the value of your order go up :)

  12. Fridget made me laugh out loud at work and spit my sparkling soda all over my computer screen and then down my blouse!

  13. Spilling an apple goes hand in hand with breezy elegance.

    You're so funny. I love your blog.

  14. you know, i've had several surprisingly juicy apples of late that have left a mess on my chin (which is so long, it blocks most stuff from getting to my shirt..).
    so you're not alone in the apple-spilling department.

  15. I read your blog everyday but I must have missed something or just not hip with the lingo....what or who is bob...I thought bob was *battery operated boyfriend*...Geesch I hope you arent doing THAT at work....I mean..if you are more power to ya I guess!

    IIF in Fresno

  16. ha! fridget jones, i love it! hee i also love that last comment about battery operated goings on at work.... now THAT would make the day go by quicker

  17. yes, bob is a battery operated boyfriend. i hope he calls me!

  18. K - you need to publish a glossary for your site for your new readers. Like this:

    Ish - her boyfriend (seems like a nice and funny guy. altho he is married, we think.)

    El-Gallo - her ex

    Bob - the nichname K gave her job

    She also never uses capitalization.

  19. Thank you Anon for that clarification....I knew the others but must have had a senior moment or something when she named her job bob.

    IIF in Fresno

  20. Hey, nice blog.
    I had to come and have a looksee since I found you and I share listings on page 92 of the "humorous/comedy" blogs on Blog Explosion.
    Anyway, I'm sure I'll stop back again.

    Oh, and next time, you might wanna think about brown bagging it and bringing a couple extra bacon strips to snack on for those afternoon munchies. Very low carb.

  21. Erg... brown bagging bacon seems somehow wrong. Wouldn't it be all cold and opaque? But I must second the V8 suggestion! V8 is a magic snack -- it's filling, contains a whole vegetable serving, and comes in a handy & portable can. I have a whole case from Costco under my desk at work!


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