Trick Or Treat

Happy Halloween, everyone.

i do realize that this "holiday" is for children. and that is why i'm thrilled that my sister sent me the photos she did, because they are damn cute and also remind me that not everyone in my family is a lunatic.

whereas the pictures i took from the weekend were...well...maybe not so much cute. funny? yes. cute? um. lunatic? probably.

for starters, Ish and i went as Ike and Tina Turner. there was fringe. there was gold lame. there were feigned bruises. there were cosmos.

a good time was had by all.

but probably i'm too old to be doing that.

in any case, here's my sister and nephew -- apparently her entire office decided to go as Waldo this year.

(click for larger)

is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

what? shutup, yes it is. okay, fine -- maybe YOU have kids of your own who you think are cuter, but it's all relative (har, har) and this is the closest thing i've got to a kid of my own (cats notwithstanding) and so as far as i'm concerned, this is the cutest child on the planet.

and anyway, i have to get back to working now, since our halloween party starts in 30 minutes, and i've given myself Diet Amnesty until tomorrow.


  1. very cute indeed...but can i just ask, is that red duct tape on white shirts for the waldo costumes?

  2. you're never too old for Halloween!

  3. Cute? Jury's still out. Funny? Definitely.

    (OK, maybe a bit cute...)

  4. To whom can I apply for Diet Amnesty? Do you have a spare application? I'm handing out candy to all the little kids of the neighborhood and it's excruciating!

  5. No, no...where are the Ike and Tina pictures? Because we want those, too.

  6. Where are the Ike and Tina pictures???

  7. Need to see Ike and Tina pictures! I then could complete my best Halloween ever. The baby is such a doll! Very Waldo.

  8. give me sexual amnesty and drinking amnesty or give me death


    I also want to see the Ike and Tina pictures!

  10. Diet Amnesty--tastes more like regular Amnesty!

  11. Damn, you are ruthless in deleting comments. I posted one yesterday saying thanks for the cute baby photo (vs. the alternatives)..and you zapped it. Why?

  12. hi geez,

    now, now. yours was the first comment i deleted (since instituting this new policy), and i'll tell you why i did it.

    i wasn't sure of your tone -- i couldn't tell if you were being genuine or not. but basically, you said, "thanks for not posting pictures of you" which i thought maybe wasn't so nice. also you mentioned drinking, and i thought the two points together could start another firestorm, so i got rid of it.

    my apologies. sometime intent's hard to gauge, you know?

  13. absolutely cute... creative, and funny, and i'm not related to them. it's so much better than the traditional, overdone fuzzy pumpkin outfit on every other kid in the world.

  14. Absolutely adorable...both nephew and sister!

    Your IIF in Fresno

  15. Halloween is for children of all ages! I always dress up and I'm almost 35.

    ~ SK


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