Taking Ish-ue


hi everyone!



do i sound crazy? huh? just a little? maybe? uh huh?


well good because i AM crazy because the cat-herding here at work has reached near-fever pitch (even though herding doesn't really have a pitch but whatever -- mixed metaphors? not my biggest concern right now) and i know this to be true because when i explained to my very put together manager what my situation is she just looked at me, slightly horror-stricken and offered sympathy as i detailed the hoops i'm now jumping through to make this project work.

and so i thought i'd take a break to catch my breath and share with you a thought i had this morning in the shower.


okay. here it is. all profound and shit.

i wasn't funnier before i met Ish.
i was funnier before i started this job.


yes, IIFs, it's true. it hit me like a ton of bricks.

frankly, i used to write a good portion of my blog from work. (hi Stacy!) often i'd start drafts at home and over the weekend, but i would edit and tweak my posts throughout my work days. and because my workload was rather uh, "reasonable," i didn't exactly have to decompress at night or on the weekends, and so had plenty of energy for writing stuff all the time.

but then i started up with this job and everything changed.

so if i must blame someone -- anyone -- for my stultified blogging, i think i should blame my new job. and as such, i am going to give my new job a name (how's "bob"?) and now we can all hate him together.

i mean, don't get me wrong. i don't actually hate bob. bob's a swell guy. he treats me pretty okay, you know? he keeps me fed and clothed and stocked with yarn and helps a whole lot with my rent.

but yeah. on the other hand, bob IS a bit on the demanding side. he's all "do this" and "do that" all day. and he's not exactly the kind of guy who encourages the blogging.

which is why i think we all know that bob isn't truly Mr. Right -- bob is simply Mr. Right Now.

and that's okay. we can have some great times together now. i'm sure i'll learn a lot from him and that our relationship will grow and mature over time. but of course, eventually we are going to part. and he will find himself a new girl -- younger, more eager, more capable of loving him than i ever was.

and i will find myself with a guy way more in tune with my needs.

(like, you know, the need for blogging.)

and in the meantime, i'll try and find a way to make things work with bob. more compromise, maybe. more give and take. i'll try and find a way to be there for him, but take the time i need for me.

and you.

and Ish.

uh, just as soon as i finish lassoing in all these damn cats.

here kitty, kitty, kitty....


  1. Dude, I totally have a "Bob" too. My "Bob" is the reason for my stilted email correspondence and messy apartment. (uh, your apartment was a mess when you were unemployed) Shaddup inner voice, I'm not talking to you. "Bob" also makes me argue with myself. A lot.

  2. And I still think you're funny.

  3. I love your blog. I'll be back. Love the quotes on your profile.

  4. All of us have a Bob sometimes. My Bob makes me a hermit from September to January. A stressed out, cranky, sickly, miserable hermit.

    Bob is also a very jealous guy. He keeps me so busy in those months that I don't have the time or energy to cheat on him with guys of the human variety. Just as well, because guys of the human variety don't tend to find stressed out, cranky, sickly, miserable hermits all that attractive.

    As I hoist a glass of liquid therapy, I offer a toast: "Here's to my non-existent social life. Oh, and fuck you, Bob!"

  5. Heh. My Bob is what caused me to stay home "sick" today so that I could get caught up on things like homework, making doctor appointments, cleaning the patio, and the like.

    Bob's good for the money and experience, though, like most of my former relationships.

  6. I have an idea! Let's all unite and dump Bob!

  7. I hate bob. Or, well, I'll have a complicated roller-coaster relationship with bob for your sake, but I sure wish he would back off and let your funny self blog more.

  8. all i'm thinking about is bill murray in what about bob? your bob sucks, and what's with all those unruly cats. don't they know they are supposed to stay in the corral where they belong? well, hopefully bob will lay the eff off so you can enjoy you iif's and your oh so cute ish.

  9. stream of concsiousness blogging seems to work for others itll work for you editing is so over rated...so is grammar and puncuation and spaelling...go with the flow let your true self spill out into the void (the author has just been strangled by an angry mob of English teachers)

  10. yeah, bob has been driving me, yup, to drink (as i slide the vodka soaked olive off the pick). but my ex-bob makes the current bob seem a whole hell of a lot better. i always ask myself if there will ever be a 'perfect' bob. frankly i would just rather be knitting.

    and i agree with uglygerbil you are funny. think of all the great material you can get from your relationship with bob.

  11. how funny that my bobs owner's name is actually bob. where's the irony in that?

  12. my bob tends to be overly demanding at times, as well. I've tried the "I need some time to myself line," but it doesn't seem to be working. perhaps bob is the reason there's no other guys in my life...

    anyway, good luck with the lasso. if you figure out how to get it to work more efficiently, let me know!

  13. My bob is the reason I started reading your blog. My Bob keeps me quite bored. But just to clairify: We NEVER hated Ish. Well at least I didn't. We are all very happy for you and happy that you are happy. But I was also thinking that either with your new Bob you either don't go out (socially) as much or you go out with Ish and you don't wanna write about it or you don't do anything breezily elegant... anyway, just keep writing. Funny-shmunny. Bob and Ish and the Cats and the Mayo, we love it all!

  14. K, you were funny before the new Bob and Ish, and you're funny now. You can't stop the funny.

  15. um. hello? have you seen _my_ blog since I started my new job? i think i average 1 new post every 15 days or so. When we "worked" together, we were blogging fiends.

    oh well. blogging or career? not such a hard choice. the posts, the humor and the knitting can all take a bit of a back seat for a while.

    I can't imagine our IIFs (of which you have gazillions more than I) won't abandon us entirely.

    at least a girl can hope, can't she?

  16. you never really have talked about how you met ish... THAT would be a good story to put bob on hold for :)

  17. I don't know if I could TAKE anymore funny, as I've only known you since Bob.

    So you'd best just maintain the current level lest I get strange looks at MY workplace.

  18. Oh, what are we going to do about Bob? Like many others I’m sure, I’ve known past Bobs that make my current Bob look just incredibly awesome. But it’s never enough. Bob just keeps asking more of me, and doesn’t want to give more back in return.

    New Bob, Ish and all, I still think you’re funny as ever, even if the posting is a bit more sporadic.

  19. This is truly a day that will live in infamy: it's the day that k has added, along with IIF, a new phrase into this rushed and paranoid blogosphere: Bob. Because it's so much cuter and less direct than job.

    --The girl who is so paranoid that she spells the owner of her Bob "B-----".

  20. I always thought 'Bob' stood for 'Battery Operated Boyfriend' so when you were blaming your lack of blogging on 'Bob' I was quite concerned (for Ish).

    And by the way, I'm limiting myself to one comment a week on your blog...if that's ok.


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