We're In Trouble Now

it's not that i don't like new technology.

back when i first got my iPod, for example, i was really actually pretty cool. because it was 2 1/2 years ago, before everyone and their brother had sleeker versions in pretty colors with more memory than my (four-year-old) laptop. you know?

and sure, i have become attached to my (also-four-year-old) lame phone -- which i should point out my Briliant Friend Missy ALSO has (but who was laughed at for having it just the other day, when a fellow student at art school needed to borrow it and she handed it to him and he looked at her and said, "no WAY! this thing WORKS?").

so when my darling sister decided to get me a digital camera for my 30th birthday, i was very happy and excited. but also (truth be told) a little bit scared. because the last time i had a new camera was (that's right) four years ago and it lasted two months before i dropped it and it broke, never to work again.

so now that i have been given a cool, sleek, cute new camera, i'm a little overwhelmed. it does lots of things besides take pictures (things i'll never be able to figure out -- in fact, i had to enlist help from a friend in order to even figure out how to open the battery compartment. whatever.). but that is not the point.

the point is that now that i have a camera, i will be taking pictures of EVERYTHING to better serve my blogging needs. are you so excited? yeah, i know.

so for starters, yesterday i was at a pool party. it was fun. and i brought my camera. but it wasn't until after a few* glasses of champagne that i remembered i even owned the camera, let alone remembered to bring it. so by the time i started taking pictures, well.

here is what the pool party looked like after the sun had set and the twinkle lights were sparkling and my friends were all gathered 'round:


let's just say i haven't figured out how to use "flash" yet.



  1. Mine does all kinds of crazy things that I still haven't figured out. I haven't even figured out why you would need those things.

  2. OMG. If you are relying on 41 glasses of champagne to remember that you have a camera, clearly you need to seek PROFESSIONAL HELP from a therapist who will help you REMEMBER that you have a CAMERA without DRINKING so MUCH because clearly THAT IS TOO MUCH TO DRINK and if you would rather DRINK than take PICTURES it just shows what kind of a SICK PERSON YOU ARE. PROBABLY YOU WOULDN'T EVEN LEAVE COMMENTS IN PEOPLE'S JOURNALS USING ALL CAPS WOULD YOU? YOU SICK SICK DRINKER CAMERA FORGETTING PERSON!!!?!!

    I have a series of photos like that. I call them "experimenting with light." Doesn't that sound more artistic than "drunk off your ass/forgot the flash?" You could be the next Ansel Adams, truly. You just need to learn how to NAME things. You sick sick drinker camera forgetting person!!!!!eleven!!!

  3. eireann,

    you are brilliant. i think i shall go back and title the image right now.

    as for 41 -- well, that's 41 give or take...

  4. 41
    I would like to remind everyone that that was 41 glasses of champagne before you started taking pictures. What was the champagne count after?

  5. hey, that's good lighting for me.

    -el snarkster

  6. why are you having a pool party on a freeway?

  7. I hate it when the equipment is smarter than the operator. Thats why I stopped buying gadgets myself.
    BTW....I still haven't figured out my rotary phone.....

  8. LOL!

    wasn't that one of the on-the-way-back-in-the-car photos?

    Or do all your photos come out the same when you're taking them after 41 glasses of champagne?

  9. Kinda looks like a picture of our drive-way when I was kid and the whole cul-de-sac had to put those paperbags full of sand and candles out for the holidays...or in high school, what the tail lights of a friends car looked like after they've pulled over to let me get sick and I'm staggering my way back.


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