So Far, I've Done The Dishes

everyone: oh, wow, that's GREAT that you're taking time off in between jobs.

me: yeah, i thought i could use it.

everyone: so what exciting things do you have planned for the week?

me: uh. plans?

everyone: yeah, like, what sort of things will you do? day trips? parties?

me: well, i sort of thought i'd clean my apartment. maybe read some. and write. maybe reinvest in knitting.

everyone: oh.

so, yeah. sorry to disappoint the world of working folks who thought they could live vicariously through me and my rip-roarin' week off, but really, my floors need attention. and my closet it terrifying.

and plus mentally, it's nice to take some quiet time to transition. the new job is going to be challenging and stressful, and the old job -- especially my friends there (hi F & PJ!!) -- will be missed...

(click for larger)

...but back to Harry (who i ditched last night in favor of IMs. tsk, tsk me.)


  1. don't you just HATE people who live vicariously through you/me/us as opposed themselves??

    i'm a list girl, but an altogether different sort than the previously-mentioned *cough* lists of said *cough* proportions ACK!

    i've composed lists since the death of my then-best friend when i was 19, of living a life well lived while i was still alive.

    motivated, in part, by my deceased friend's sincere intention of getting around and doing the things on HER list when she was done with her job, had graduated from college, etc...

    needless to say, the one thought i had in the days after her funeral was, "but what about the rest of her life?"

    and that, in essence, became my own mantra, "what about the rest of MY life?"

    so clean away, MissK, and organize to your heart's content, and always always always remember what it was/is to be *you* for the rest of YOUR life.

    you are an unexpected blessing and thus treasured by myself and all your other IIF's

    peace, out.

  2. Sounds to me like you've got the right idea. When you've been busy with work, sometimes a little unplanned time can be the best "plan" of all.

  3. That's usually what I do when I've managed to take time off as well, just catch up on those things I always wish I could do when I'm stuck working. Hope you enjoy it...

  4. So, basically you took a week off to read Harry Potter. Well done!

  5. There really is nothing nicer than *Super-Cleaning* your abode and then sitting around with a glass of wine admiring your own handywork.

    Well, I guess adding a little goat cheese would make it nicer...

  6. Cute photo!!

    I dint know you took a week off in between jobs- great idea!!

  7. there is nothing i enjoy more than the satisfaction of a super clean home. about once a month. well, that and the knowledge of how many calories i burned scrubbing away. cleaning=license to eat more food.
    mmmmm food.

  8. One day I got a package at work and it was that "Shark steam cleaner" thingy from late night infomercials. I assumed it had been sent to me by mistake until my co-worker looked at the reciept and noticed the time ordered was at 3:05 a.m. on a Sunday (translates to an hour after the bars close on Saturday). Anyway...if you'd like to borrow it, you may. It works wonderfully. My corner bar borrows it all the time.

  9. Oh...and you can also borrow the "Ultimate 70's" cd set that I got the next day. You can "shake shake shake your booty" while you're cleaning.

  10. WHAT??? Kristy doesn't have a drink in front of her??? I guess that means no stories of breezy elegance.

    If you want to re-locate to an exotic locale...have I got a job 4 u!

  11. I think taking a week off between jobs is an excellent idea - heck I like the idea of taking a week off.

  12. change is good --- congrats and enjoy your "me" time!

  13. isn't she the cutest thing ever!

  14. definately get back on the knitting train. I have managed to get back to it now that i'm a little more settled after moving, though my apartment could REALLY use the super cleaning. do people rent out services like- hi i will organize your disasterous apartment? I would pay for that. I keep looking for tips on the web about how to be one of the clean neat people... just makes me realize that I am kind of faking this grown up thing.


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