you wanna hear a joke?

the purpose of this blog is to track my diet/exercise so as to keep me accountable for my weight loss.

isn't that SO funny?

now, sure, i've been a bit distracted.

i started off the year on the right foot. i had a steady (if not too taxing) job. a steady (if a bit too taxing) boyfriend. and i had my head screwed on right. i was ready. i was committed. i was eating great and working out regularly.

and then life happened.

let me say this, by the way: i lost a lot of weight when i was in college, so i have been through this before. and what it took then was what i had this past january...


when i have a basic routine, and i can work my eating/exercise into that routine, i am good at sticking to it.

and so not to dredge this up again, but when The Boy dumped my ample ass, my whole world was thrown into a tailspin. not just because i was hurt, but because my routine shifted. i was suddenly left to figure out how to be a single adult female, living on her own (with her cats)(and yarn*)(and closed gym).

and lemme tell ya'. between the constant going out with friends (for love, support, and company) and endless internet dating, i have done a great job of Putting Myself Out There.

but Putting Oneself Out There does not really lend itself to routine.

plus, add to that my considerable job turmoil (and uh, a trip back east, a new baby in the family and a death in the family) and basically, i feel like i haven't had a 'normal' day in months.

because i haven't.

but now it's time to reel it in. to slow down on the dating. to focus on my new job. to find my way back to routine (even without a The Boy) enough so that i can eat well and get myself to the gym regularly and restore balance.

i mean, if i can clean my entire apartment while on vacation,** nothing's impossible.

*wanna hear another joke? okay, here goes: this blog is about knitting. hahahahahaha!!!

**i totally finally cleaned the apartment from top to bottom on sunday. hurrah!


  1. Hmm, how did I get here?

    Oh, that's right, you made the CL "best of" list a little while back with your "Why yes, cute fireman, that is my ass" post.

    I hope you don't mind if I lurk. You seem... entertaining?

    Do you really knit?

  2. Amen to everything you said about a routine sistah! I don't even know how to have a routine there such a thing in this crazy thing we call "life"???

    Almost 2 years ago a friend and I joined WW and I was doing real well with The Routine, then there was a death in the famiily, but my best friend wouldnt allow that to interrupt The Routine - she would march into my house every Saturday morning and literally drag me out of bed if she had to.... then, something did disrupt The Routine. I have a family member who is less than an upstanding member of society who's kids were taken away by CPS and placed with... me. for the past 10 months I've had her 3 daughters (ages 5, 13 & 14) through the foster system. I have not gone to a single WW meeting since and have completely thrown all sensible eating habits out the window. While I'm not starting a new job, I am starting a new position within the same company at the beginning of Sept and will have that transition to deal with. I turn 29 in exactly one month and have decided that I WILL lose 50 lbs by my 30th birthday. That will still leave me with an ample sized ass, but its a start, right?
    You've done it before, you can definitely do it again!

  4. vanessa,

    you GO!! make that goal!

    rooting for you...


  5. If you really want to lose weight, you should try to find a strenuous sport that you love. Volleyball, walleyball (volleyball indoors on a raquetball court), raquetball, basketball, rollerblading, running, swimming, tennis-- take your pick. The important thing is that you love playing the game. Then your natural desire to do something you love and to improve your skills will keep you coming back, and that's what will ultimately lead to losing weight.

    At least that's what works for me.

    P.S. I read your blog every day. You rock!

  6. Famous quotes (from my First Sergeant):Run more, eat less.
    Nuff said.

    What does a 'normal' day look like anyway???...I'm sure I don't know

  7. Routine is the key to success. Sounds so boring, but you are on to something big there. Routine, structure... Next thing you know you'll be meal planning on Wednesdays, grocery shopping with a list on Thursdays, doing laundry on Saturdays, dusting on Mondays (well, maybe not)... your job's your new baby and you're the mother. Nice going, and good luck, Kristy.

  8. One day at a time Sweetie. I went through similar challenging times. I told my friend I felt like I didn't knew what was happening, that my life had been spinning out of control... she said the equivalent of "well duh, of course you're in a spin, it's been a crappy time."

    Give yourself a break. It will get better!

    Cool blog.

  9. I know what you mean! My life is crazy and I don't think I've ever had a routine. I do at work, but home is a completely different story! I'm trying to get there. It's a slow process for me. At least you've done it before so you know you can do it again.

    Good Luck!

    Great blog! I read it almost every day. I'm hooked!

  10. I know where you are coming from...but what the heck is a normal day? Hope you get into a routine and things starting going in the right your blog almost daily.

  11. WooHoo for You! Try to make it less of a routine, because routines quickly turn into ruts (at least for me). Just make it life. Hi, I'm Kristi,this is my life .. this is what I do. I work, I knit, I go to the gym, I eat well and after all of that I go party with my friends and shop for cute shoes!

    Well, it works for me ;-) .. oh and Weight Watchers ... very good idea.

  12. I know you like to get e-mail, but perhaps when you establish a routine, you will answer as well?
    Anyway, (and here is the crux of this message), YOU CAN DO IT!
    I was thinking maybe you could knit on the treadmill, but Gramma says not to run carrying sharp sticks. Walking the cats is out, because, you know, the cat leash thing IS rediculous (and besides, they either saunter, or sprint!) Maybe you could get a job trampling grapes! Can you say 'free samples'. Trampling, sonnets in one hand, a glass of chardonay in the other, it could work! No more box-wine!
    best wishes
    J. Alfred Prufrock

  13. ...if i can clean my entire apartment while on vacation...

    Hey, that's great!
    Can you do mine next weekend? I've got a party to go to and just won't have the time.

  14. well, it IS mad scientist day (7/27...who knew?), so what better time to reinvent yourself? or to title an entry BWAHAHAHAHA. though i guess mad scientists have more of a Muwhahahaha. anyway, good luck on the routine...experts* say you only have to do something for 3 weeks before it becomes habit. that's not so long, really.


    *cannot account for expertise of aforementioned experts

  15. Hey Kristi,
    De-lurking here to admit that I read your blog everyday! And I think summers are just crazy times to keep a routine. I actually said the other day that I am looking forward to fall, when life can calm down again!

    Best of luck, and what a great blog! Even if it is nothing about weight loss or knitting.


  16. Routine is a strange thing.
    If there's too much of it, you get bored. And then you start doing dumb things because you're bored. And then you lose touch with any semblance of routine. And then you're spiraling out of control screaming into the Great Darkness hoping that at least one person will hear you. And then you realize that you're starting far too many sentences with "And then" and rambling in semi-public forum. And then you desperately miss your routine and swear that if you get it back, you'll never leave it again. But you know there's a lie on your lips when you give your routine a welcome back kiss. Because you're a rebel. Damn it.

  17. hee.. i've been addicted to your blog for, like, eons now, and i like it just fine without the knitting, because when i see how much knitting you do it makes me feel guilty that i never knit anymore :-)

  18. You are starting to freak me out. No, really.

    You were in marching band, and you were the drum major. Me too.

    You go on non-dates. Me too.

    Your nickname is Kiki. Me too.

    You drink a lot, spill a lot, and fall down a lot. Me too.

    I swear, most of your posts sound like me.

    In fact, the only reason I know you're not some long-lost personality I didn't know I had is because I've never been to San Francisco, so I couldn't describe the places you've been. Other than that...

    So, thanks, because it's not like I was ever very productive at work, but now that I've found your blog, I'm NEVER going to get anything done... :)

  19. at least you have a clean apartment! whoo-hoo!

  20. Sounds like an excellent plan. Besides, it could even be good for your sex life. I mean, you must have noticed that most of the time the best men crop up when youre so not looking for them.

  21. Don't feel too bad about the whole gym closing thing. Go here and you'll see why:

    The American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that a 30-minute Curves workout burns an average of only 184 calories, which means that the intensity is about the same as a brisk walk on a flat treadmill, and it doesn't take even half a Krispy Kreme donut to negate the whole thing.

    Do yourself a favor and go find a nice gay gay gay gym and walk on their treadmill. The boys won't be lookin' at you. Trust me.


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