Watch My Boss Not Eat Microwave Popcorn my boss has decided to try the first two (killer) weeks of the South Beach Diet (SBD). she basically wanted to jump-start her body into weight-loss mode.

it will be interesting to see how it goes, since she already eats healthier--and more elaborate--meals than anyone i know. for me, starting SBD was a huge shift in my eating. for her, it will really just be a shift to fewer carbs. i am very curious to see how that will or won't impact her weight loss.

in the meantime, we can both shoot evil looks at whoever it was who just walked by with a bag of popcorn.


  1. I do not believe my meals are elaborate. I'm just a bit "high maintenance." And that little bitch who made the popcorn? I just stuck another needle in her voodoo doll's leg.


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