Pancake Confessions

i have no new good news, other than that i can finally tell that my breasts are getting a little smaller. (thank GOD.)

i do have a few weekend confessions, though.

so last friday, i decided that if i was going to go to the gym after work, i would allow myself to have a burger with a sourdough bun (sourdough somehow being an SBD-acceptable white bread, in moderation). so that was fine and well and good.

and then i went out drinking friday night with the girls. and when i returned home around 2 a.m. i was hungry. and noted, with all the rationale a bourbon-addled brain can muster, that i'd not had pizza in two months and surely i was due. (this is why no one should live next door to a pizza place.)

so yes. at 2 a.m. saturday morning, i had 2 slices of pepperoni pizza.

i thought i would make up for this by dragging my hungover ass to the gym the next morning. WHICH I DID. *applause*

and i thought that perhaps by working out twice in 24 hours i'd maybe be forgiven the drinking, the burger, and the pizza.

but THEN my boyfriend and i had a The Talk, and by sunday morning, i insisted on pancakes.

so there it is. let's see if we can glean some lessons or something...

*don't drink and eat. easier said than done, but i have to remember that really, it should be one or the other. and since i made such a big deal about not wanting to cut out alcohol, i really need to remember to be careful.

*i'm capable of working out while hungover. no more excuses in coming weekends.

*if you're going to have a Talk with your boyfriend, you're probably going to want comfort food afterwards. plan accordingly.

i strongly recommend pancakes.


  1. First of all,
    For the record, you ROCK for working out on saturday. That goes far and beyond anything I consider myself capable of. And shit, shitty weekend do frequently lead to shitty eating habits, do what you can do. You amaze me every day!

    And last but not least, congrats on the smaller boobs, I feel ya on that one!

  2. I really don't understand how your boyfriend made it this far without knowing where babies come from.


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