The Shopping Situation

as i'm currently in between sizes, i also seem to be in between wardrobes.

my normal work clothes are too big for me. they don't fit me right (which is a good thing). but the few articles of clothing i have in smaller sizes don't quite fit right yet either.

i really need to find some clothes that will do for the next couple months -- but i hate buying new things when i'm not happy with my size. and i know you know what i'm talking about...

*if you buy clothes to fit the size you are now, it's like admitting defeat. it's saying, "yes -- i am this size and i am going to be this size for a while, despite my best efforts to not be. oh well. does this come in black?"

*if you buy clothes that are smaller than your current size, you totally screw yourself over. even if it helps motivate you, you still can't wear what you just bought (what good does that do?). and if you never lose the weight, you have some useless piece of clothing sitting in your closet taunting you with the promises you made yourself.

i guess the compromise is a trip to old navy. it's a good place for interim clothes (not too expensive and their pants have stretch...)


  1. Are you doing product placement in your blog now? :p

    I'm too short for Old Navy. And I hate them and all their cute inexpensive clothes for mocking me. But if you need a shopping buddy...

  2. hey, i have had pretty "good luck" in the past when I buy clothes in my current size - somehow the act of accepting myself as/where I am helps me move on to the next stage (hopefully lower on the scale!_


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