Stupid Tummy

i started off the day on a positive note, when in the shower i noted that my thighs are smaller. not a lot, but enough for me to notice. (thank you, thighs.)

then i went to put on my new, 14 Reg. Gap pants, and they were too tight. they were passable standing up...but not sitting down.

(truth be told, sitting down produced a stupid tummy roll way too big to be disguised by a shirt. i HATE that.)

anyway, this means that if 14s are still giving me trouble, 16 days to a whole lower size is just not going to happen. thighs or no thighs.



  1. if 14s are almost there -- 2 weeks of dieting could net you 3-4 pounds lost -- which i bet would have you fitting into certain 14s. so chins up, as they say!

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  3. I was told that it took about 20lbs to shift from one size to another. But, you know, that's just an estimate based on the "average person". And we all know you are not average! (good thing)

    Anyway, my point... If you are close to the 14 and your thighs are slimming you've probably lost more
    weight than you think. Which rocks.

    And, theoretically losing 20lbs to get into the 12 isn't such an enormous (no pun, I swear) feat. You can do it!

  4. hey re: missy's note, it's way less than 20 lbs per size for your height. even at my height of 5'8", i tink it's only 12-15 lbs.

    but btw, let's drink to tummy rolls GOING AWAY NOW!

  5. OH! Thank G-O-D!

    I like your math MUCH better, risey!

    *makes note to add "20lbs per Size" to list of "Incorrect Things My Mother Has Told Me"*


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