i'm supposed to weigh myself tomorrow, since tomorrow marks the two-month mark.

yeah, i'm not gonna.

i can blame it on relationship drama, warding off the flu, and/or general malaise, but the last 2 weeks have not been very good, diet-wise. i've hardly worked out, i've eaten way more "bad" stuff than i should allow, and i'm just not thinking i will be very happy with my results should i weigh myself tomorrow. i feel horribly, horribly guilty.

so i'll just wait till some date when i feel better. (and i'll go to the gym tonight.)

in the meantime, i should definitely pick a goal size and date. so let's do that:

i will buy a pair of GAP jeans in a size 12. and i will aim to fit into them by........April 16.


  1. Don't you think you should pick a more realistic goal?

  2. well, i'm hoping that a little over one month to drop a size isn't unrealistic at all! guess we'll see...


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