Crazy Aunt Purl

The Boy looked at me recently and said, "you know you are carrying around cat food."

since i'd just purchased said cat food, i replied, "yeah, so?"

"don't you also have yarn in your bag?" he asked.

"um, yeah."

"so you are carrying around cat food and yarn."

at which point i just glared at him, but i got his point: i am a single woman who lives with her cats and knits. and what snappy comeback is there to that, really?

none, i thought... until i discovered the world's greatest blogger! Crazy Aunt Purl has blazed a new trail in coolness, indirectly pointing out that if you are young and single and have cats and knit AND DRINK, you are way, way hip.

so there.


  1. you're way too concerned about your weight and being single.

    relax. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Hi Dollface,

    I'm too lazy to send an email. You should look into this if you haven't already.

  4. okay. i had to delete my initial comment because it was a little harsh.

    i have my issues, but i am certain that "christopher" means well and is telling me to look at the bigger picture, etc. etc.


  5. Okay I am committed to the sbd (for drunks) and could consider taking up knitting. I draw the line at cats. I just can't.

    Oh and I wanted to smack Christopher the moment I read the comment. Women vent. Usually about weight and men. That is because most other things in life are going splendidly. What is there to say about the good stuff really? ;)

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