Uh, It's Not Actually SPRING Yet, Right?

for those of you living in the bay area, you know that yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. spring was in the air. the temperature touched the 70s. it was almost glorious.


um, hi. it's march 7. i have not been on south beach for even 2 months yet. where i come from, if you start a diet in january, you have until at least the END OF MAY to reach a reasonable weight before you have to worry about sundresses and skirts and tank tops and (omfg) bathing suits.

i don't mean to be a poor sport here, but i am absolutely NOT READY to develop a springtime/summertime look. 15 lbs lost (we hope) does not a summer body make!

it's hard not to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, sure. but like, give me another 2 months before i'm expected to bust out the summerwear, okay?

till then...where's my scarf?


  1. i guess that's the bright side to living in a place like SF...there are more days available to hide beneath scarves and jackets if one is having a "fat" day. Hopefully for you, and many of us also monitoring our waistlines, that won't be for long. Unfortunately for me, i live in san diego where it's always sunny. so even in the middle of winter those skinny bitches are still in their halter tops and mini skirts. =\

  2. I had a similar experience this weekend. Throw in a naked hot tub party with two lithe friends, and... sigh...

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