Time To Win Stuff Again

Hey! So, by now the winner of my last "She Just Reviews It" review thing and $200 Best Buy gift card giveaway should have been notified, so I will take a moment to say congrats to Miss Thystle. I'm SO pleased that the winner is someone who's been an IIF for a long time, and not just someone who read about this contest on some random web page and then entered and doesn't care one iota about my lack of balance or my boobs the size of my head.

And this means I am now free to direct you to my NEW contest. Mostly you can win an Aquaphor product gift basket (and Aquaphor products ROCK and I believed that pre-free product samples), but you can also win a $100 Visa Gift Card aaaaannnd enter to win a $1000 prize from BlogHer.

So you know, go read the review.


  1. I won! I won! NO FREAKING WAY. The last thing I won was the spelling be in like 1987! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!


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