"As you love to promote savings." (Updated 11/13)

UNBELIEVABLE update below!

I never do this, but I'm exhausted (Eve is adjusting to her new sleep schedule far better than her parents are), and in this case, "exhausted" means "okay, I'm calling you out."

Here is an incredible PR pitch I got today. Word for word.

* * * * * *
Hey Kristin,

I enjoy coming by your site for all your great gift ideas from a stylish standpoint. I thought you may love how stylish and frugal but chic Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being with her fashion. You can buy a super nice outfit for very cheap, and look super stylish. It would be a perfect gift.

I thought you would love this, as I thought this would be a great look on She Walks. As you love to promote savings.

If you do choose to post this, can you please send me the links.

Thanks in advance,


[paragraph with links and photos of Elisabeth and her clothing line]
* * * * * *

Where to start? What is there even to say?

My name is not Kristin.

I do not blog about sales or value or style or frugality.

I LOATHED Elisabeth Hasselbeck before she tried to get me to buy shit; this has only upped my loathe quotient, and I didn't think that was possible.

But! Even with all that, the thing I find MOST offensive about this pitch is the grammar. The writing is maybe the worst I have ever read from someone who (presumably) speaks English.

Maybe for fun I will spend all of Friday using "super" as my only adjective, and starting every other sentence with the word "As."


Today, I received this email from a different PR person!

Hi Kristy!

Please let me start by introducing myself, my name is [nevermind] and I work at [sigh] Media.. we handle a lot of music, fashion, beauty, & film accounts nationally. I'm a project manager here and have a few opportunities I wanted to talk about with you. One of our clients is QVC - and they are offering some awesome discounts and gift giveaways for the holidays. I'm wondering if you could post this copy below for Elisabeth Hasselbeck's holiday clothes that are priced affordably for women everywhere. I know you've wrote some blog entries on Elisabeth - so I'm thinking it's the perfect fit. Her program launches today! Going forward, I'll keep you updated on other products - as we usually have quite a few things we can offer up as giveaways.



  1. But Miranda. As you love promoting argyle socks. Blue nuggets are itchy?

    I occasionally think people take drugs on purpose before commenting on blogs they do not read. Hope your night out was fun, despite the exhaustion!

  2. I got something like that once from my favorite hair removal product, because it was briefly mentioned in a blog post about something completely different.

  3. I hope you sent her a link to this post.

  4. As I also loathe Elizabeth Hasselbeck. As I think she is a douche in the super douchiest style ever. As I have seen her clothes on The View and value super style and super frugal, but hers are being neither.

    The above paragraph was WAY harder to write than you would think.

  5. Well I think Elley Hasselblock's spammers could have at least got your name right!

    I hope you get some rest. My daughter has a 3 month old son (my first g-baby!!) and so I understand what you are going through.

  6. "I know you've wrote..." AHHH!!!!


  7. Red pen, red pen! If this was my student, I'd have them bring it home and ask their parents to sign it.

  8. I love this. As I knew you would. Because you love to promote the funny.

  9. Ha! -- and oh, no. I use "super" all the time.

    I hate myself. ;)

  10. Kristin, you've wrote some super blog entries!

  11. Ummm....who are you anyway? Oh, yeah, Snarky. Oh, I mean, Kristy.

  12. They need to hire new writers and/ or invest in editors. I wonder how much these writers get paid?

  13. Cal I tell you how much I hate the phrase "going forward?"

    I REALLY hate the phrase "going forward."

  14. I hate Elizabeth Hasslebitch. how did you get snared into this web??

  15. So when are you going to start the promotion? An Elisabeth Hasselbeck giveaway?

  16. I hope you sent them the link to this post ; )

  17. That was super delicious. Can you direct my computer to you're deliteful Elisabeth Hasselbeck that you've wrote?

  18. On behalf of PR people everywhere, I'd like to apologize for those horrible pitches.

    As I blogger, I feel your pain, particularly after I was pitched reading glasses the other day for no discernible reason.


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