A Good Day

Today was absolutely gorgeous here in wine country. It was chilly and sunny and very fall-like. No, Napa doesn't have foliage the way New England does, but the vineyards do indeed change colors. Which is pretty spectacular, if not particularly Pilgrim-like.

Ish and I took a leisurely drive with Eve to Sebastopol to pick up some wine that Ish had ordered several months ago from a small, fantastic winery called Radio-Coteau. They weren't having a harvest party or anything, we just basically drove up to a warehouse and tasted some wines in a room that felt like a garage. It was totally unglamorous but that's how things are around here mostly. You don't generally wear your finery to visit a vineyard, you wear a fleece jacket and shoes you don't mind muddying.

On our way home, we decided to stop at a couple wineries near our home that we'd never been to before, just because we could. In fact, since moving here 8 months ago, we'd never spent a Saturday wine tasting and I'd say it was well overdue.

Cuvaison has a new tasting room and it's all open-air and windowed and Earth-friendly and provides quite a lovely glimpse of Napa.

Eve was mostly oblivious, sure, but she seemed to have a fine afternoon regardless. She's gotten very good at blowing spit-bubbles and sticking her tongue out and drooling like a fiend, and just today she's been testing out new sounds she can make which I can't really replicated in type but that sound hilarious. And totally inappropriate at a winery, but what can you do?

I have a feeling the weekends are going to be crazy from now through the end of the holidays, so I'm glad the three of us got to spend a quiet day driving around and enjoying our view.

OOH! AND!? I finally figured out that my phone's camera quality isn't COMPLETE crap, it's that when I use blogger to upload them, BLOGGER messes with the image quality. So I'm back to using Photobucket to host my images, and now they don't suck quite as much!




  1. I love that hair!
    By the way, I also love that there is such a thing as NaBloPoMo. Not only because every time I load Google Reader, there's a new post from you, but because I was looking for something to get me writing and now I don't have to do NaNoWriMo!

  2. Cuvaison is one of my all-time favorite wines. Partly because it's fabulous, but also partly because it was my first wine-tasting EVER. They had a crappy tasting area then, and the French woman behind the counter was tres snobby, but I'll remember that visit (and Dutch Henry!) for a long time. Lucky you to live there!

  3. LOVE the pic stickin her tongue out at daddy. and that hair. too hilarious.

    far as i'm concerned, she's the cutest baby on my blogroll.

  4. The hair. It seriously kills me.

  5. ZOMGZZZZsqueee!! Eve just gets cuter and cuter. She looks like she's got a pretty fun personality.

  6. Best baby hair ever. I really love that last pic too...lol

  7. I totally read this: In fact, since moving here 8 months ago, we'd never spent a Saturday wine tasting and I'd say it was well overdue.

    As this: In fact, since moving here 8 months ago, we've spent every Saturday wine tasting and I'd say it was well deserved.

    I blew right past it then was like wait, that can't be right! Glad you got to take a break, and so jealous. We took our 6 mo. old to happy hour last week at a place called Bonedaddy's (like Hooters, but with BBQ), also totally inappropriate, but also a wonderful time.

    I know you hear it over and over, but Eve's hair is fantastic!!!

  8. Somebody is begging for a taste in that last pic. It is laugh out loud funny.


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