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Last week we had an influx of grandparents.

Ish's parents have some business doings in Sonoma and Tahoe, so they have been coming to visit us Eve about once a month. Which is really great and I totally eat it up. I mean, it should go without saying that I miss my parents as much as (if not more than) ever, now that I have a child. I fall apart when I think about how Eve will never get to meet my mom or dad -- it just...ugh, it just weighs on my heart all the time. So yeah, I love having grandparents around not just for Eve's sake, but for mine. No one can take the place of my parents, of course, but simply being around grandmas is reassuring in a very basic, subconscious, soul-affirming way.

Not only were Ish's parents around last week, though, but my BFF's MOM came! All the way from New York! With her husband, Steven! (Who took the lovely candid photo above!)

This was exceedingly meaningful.

I promise to tell you the story of how I met said BFF, Emily, on the rooftop of a Manhattan building when I was 9 months old. And how I've known Emily and her mom, my "second mother" or "M2" ever since. For now, I will just say that having my M2 here was the closest thing I'll ever experience to having my own mom visit. It was special.

M2 essentially walked in the door, scooped up my daughter and neither one of them ever looked back. (As it should be.) Eve loved her, showed her delight and comfort in being with her G2 as much as a near-4-month-old can. Eve's just starting to get the notion of outstretching her arms to be picked up (she does outstretch her arms, but without any control, in a broad and flailing way) and this originated with M2/G2. I could hardly believe my eyes when, just two days after meeting her for the first time, Eve squirmed with delight in G2's presence, smiled her gummy, coy smile and then stiffened her arms.

"I...I think she wants you to pick her up...?"

And based on Eve's reaction when returned to G2's arms, I'd say yes, that's exactly what she wanted.

My M2 has always been like a Pied Piper to me -- happy, fun, comforting, smiling. She's that rare kind of person who makes those around her feel special; anyone would be lucky to be the recipient of her warmth.

I love that my daughter already knows she's one of the lucky ones.


  1. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt that I have two daughters, Emily and you (my D2). When you were expecting Eve, I was as excited as when Emily was expecting Ella and Annie. The moment I met Eve, I was her G2. My love for you immediately encompassed her and that feeling was the most natural thing I can imagine. If she reached out for me, it was simply because I was reaching out for her.

    I miss your Mom terribly; much more deeply than I’d ever anticipated. I cherish every moment spent with you (and Healy and Sam), always reminded of happy times I shared with your Mom. I found myself feeling even more connected to her when I was interacting with Eve. I’m honored to be able to stand in your Mom’s shadow and I hope that I can be a fraction of the amazing grandma she would have been.

    I’m the lucky one, Kiki, and I love you and Eve with all my heart. xoxo M2

    P.S. Okay, I’m totally verklempt now. Talk among yourselves.

  2. I love her hair. It makes me insanely happy.

    Your house is GORGEOUS.

  3. Words cannot possibly express how much I love the amazing faux hawk on your adorable munchkin!

  4. Eve is beyond ADORABLE. She is just amazingly cute!

    Your wrote a beautiful post about the importance of grandparents and M2/G2. I had tears all the way through.

    My husband and I live within blocks of my mom and his dad. All of our son's grandparents seem disinterested in grandparenting. It's a whole other kind of grief. So I was so happy to read about your M2. And I pray that I can be woman like her. And then to read her comment - more tears! I am so happy you and yours are surrounded in so much love!


  5. Sweet post. Gorgeous house. Adorable baby! You can tell she has so much personality - it just shines!

  6. Damn, M2, your comment made me all weepy. That baby girl is one sweet gal, I could eat her with a spoon.

  7. What a blessing to have a wonderful M2 in your life.

  8. The pictures are adorable. My daughter has the same rattle, but is not rockin' the fauxhawk. Eve wins.

  9. Ok, I know I'm overtired and have my period and that's why I'm so weepy, but this post (and G2's comment) made tears run down my face.

    So very very special.


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