Super Saver Sucker

Ah, but I've come to expect this from Amazon.

I found THE PERFECT gift for Ish. Added it to my Amazon cart. Knew damn well that it would be entirely possible that things would ship after Christmas and so I was prepared. I was braced.

Six items in my cart. Proceeded to check-out. Edited my Ship To and Bill To addresses. Added a new credit card. And the result?

Five of the items will ship and arrive before Christmas.

The perfect gift for Ish?

Uh huh.

Amazon Order

Being prepared for this makes it a little less painful, but not entirely.


  1. Is it possible to find this perfect gift at another website? Maybe then you can get it in time.

  2. I can at last feel your pain.

    "Estimated ship date for these items: December 18th-December 29th, 2006."

    ...I bought them on the 6th.



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