Quick Update

The last things on my list left to ship to the East Coast seem to be me and Ish.

We leave today. :) (I'm so excited he's coming with me!!!)

More entries will follow, but a bit sporadically.

And so as not to leave you with a no-entry entry, here is a picture of me with my best dog growing up. His name was Boggle. He's a French Sheepdog (a Briard).

me and boggle

I am the same height today as I was when I was 10, as in this picture.


  1. yay boggle, he rocked! as did folly.

    - cuznate

    p.s. thank you for posting another entry so the one about our 80's bangs incedent is no longer on the top.

  2. Woo hoo! Now I'm up to date!
    I just discovered your blog, Kristy (don't really remember how I got here, actually) and have spent the last week and a half reading from the very beginning (all while being very productive at work).
    Girl, YOU ROCK! I'm completely envious of your unabashed ability to "put it out there" and in such a beautiful 'writing voice'. I'm looking forward to spending time in your world for a few minutes each day.
    Have a great Christmas! (I'm excited that Ish went East with you too!)

  3. That sweater is freakin' sweet!

  4. That dog is massive! He looks so cuddly and sweet.

  5. and this is why i will never ever ever own a dog! ever!!!

    - el snarkster

  6. So will there be an East Coast gathering while you're here??? And what an AWESOME dog...he's freaking GIANORMOUS! (and beautyful....and I think I had that sweater...and...sniff...I miss the 80's...I'm gonna go put on Wham Rap now)

  7. I was just crowned "Miss Ugly Sweater 2006" at work.

    Man, am I glad I didn't have to compete against the likes of that...

  8. No Way!!! Shut up!!!

    I found you through Jayare, by the way.
    That is a great dog!

  9. Wow! How tall are you that your dog was the same height as you? Mine right now is almost as tall as me, but she's great dane, we expected it.

  10. He looks like a yeti - he is BEATIFUL! Shaggy man and so cute.

    Hope your time in the east is wonderful, and that you are getting some of this sunshine we're having today.

    Happy new year!!!!


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