It Is Time (A Poll)

You know, for 1.5 years, I was completely without cable.

I had a TV, a DVD player and VCR, but no active "channels." No TiVo, not even the ghetto, Comcast-issued DVR. Nothing.

What's this you say about Lost? Huh? Who is Carrie Underwood? The Amazing what now? No, I have not seen that commercial.

It was a sad state of affairs, but I was resolved. I was tired of spending a couple hours every evening watching bad television. For every hour of "good" TV, I was certain to watch at least an hour of something I really didn't need to see. And not just re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-reruns of The Simpsons, but things like infomercials for face creams (or rather, Facial Cream Systems) and Guerra De Los Sexos! on the Spanish channel.

I do not speak Spanish.

So I used my downtime to do other things. Like blog. And knit. And date. My plan worked. But then. Ohhhhhh, but then.

Last Christmas everything changed.

Of course you can come stay with me... my dad's fiancee had said. It was the last night of my holiday vacation back east, and I had been invited to stay with Jane and spend the night with her and her daughter.

...we can stay up and watch Project Runway.

I didn't think much of it.

I didn't know.

And then, back-to-back, one, two, THREE episodes! Ohmygod. Tim Gunn is so great and encouraging and smart and WHY has no other show had someone like him? I love you! Carry on! And Heidi is so gorgeous and cute and adorable -- SO adorable that when she tries to be all snide and scary, she's just cuter. Ha, ha! And remember? Last December? With Santino! And Ahhhhhndre! And Nick! And WHERE THE HELL IS MY CHIFFON!?!?!?

I got cable.

And now, a year later, my life is very different. I watch television. I don't watch a lot, just enough to warrant my cable bill (and the ghetto DVR it comes with).

I love Project Runway. I enjoy Top Chef. I am THRILLED about Top Design. And you know, American Idol.

And now that I am owning up to this, I have made an executive, creative decision. Are you ready?

I am going to blog about television shows.

Does this matter? Probably not. Do you care? Probably not. But I have just decided it's silly not to talk about them so whatever.

Anyway, my quick poll question, which I'm assuming very few of you have any interest in answering is this:

A. Do I post my recaps here?


B. Start a totally different blog?

Any emails and comments will be greatly appreciated!


  1. I say blog here. If people don't like them, they can just skip right on over 'em, but starting a whole new blog seems like a lot of work. Aren't you already committed to three blogs anyway?

  2. I tried to follow the link to email you but your addy didn't show up on my out going letter...

    I say you use this blog for all purposes including television shows.


  3. I say blog here too! To be honest, when you have a million different blogs, I won't spend the time to go look. I have a list of blogs I read and you are just going to add to the list. So blog here! Please!

    I love TV! It's my vice. :)

  4. Might as well post them here, although I hope that tv posts don't take over.

    And since we're on this topic, I miss some of your more serious post topics of this past year.

    I think sometime in the past you stated you were going to blog more about your life, Ish, etc. I would prefer that to recaps of tv shows.

  5. thanks for the feedback! i think you're all right - trying to start a new blog would be a lot of work and also kind of dumb. frankly (and sort of to kirin's point) i don't watch enough of it to warrant a whole blog of it. there is no danger of the tv stuff taking over.

    thanks again for your input.

  6. i guess unlike everyone else, i vote to start a new blog. but that's because i kind of hate reading people's thoughts about television shows. i couldn't care less what people think about the tv shows they watch. so i guess i'll just skip those posts. no big deal.

  7. Er... will you be doing more than recaping? I'd be interested in commentary, but what if you ruin the surprise for people who haven't seen it yet? Quelle tragedie, in that case! :-)

  8. anon 12:59 and OBS - i will of course offer brilliant (*cough*) and witty (*cough*cough*) commentary as well. but i doubt it will be long and you can skip right on over it.

    i'm not sure how i can write about it w/o revealing the results, though. maybe i can wait until the day of to talk about the week before (i.e., wait till Wed to write about the previous Wed's Top Chef).

    I really shouldn't overthink this, but I appreciate so much that you guys care at all!

  9. Blog here!
    (says someone who reads the recaps of Top Chef even though she doesn't have cable to actually WATCH the show)

  10. blog here! blog here!

    i love tim gunn. i want a mentor like him in my life.

    and i'm so happy anthony bourdain (*sigh) turned up on top chef this season. sigh.

    no, i don't watch too much TV....! heh.

  11. der. Those would be the recaps- somehow I missed specifying.
    And can you do a cut or hidden section on blogger? Livejournal allows it, which would give you an out on the "oh noes, mustn't reveal the ending!" issue. But I am deeply unfamiliar with the blogger system, so I defer to more blogger-experienced commenters.

  12. blog here. i watch too much tv and love talking about it!

    like rachel, again said above, LJ lets you do cuts (links to a hidden part of your blog entry) and anyone who doesn't want to read or be spoiled can skip it.

    Love Top Chef among many other shows. Can't wait to read about what you watch!

  13. I say blog here if you can use categories on your blog (so I can skip TV posts) -- or at least begin those posts with "[TV Stuff]" or some other identifier. If not, please make separate.

  14. Blog here.

    Create a CSS style called "Spoiler" with a text color the same as the mauvy-pink background of the content area. When you're writing something that is going to reveal a secret of the show, use the spoiler class on the paragraph so that the text is invisible. People who want to read the spoiler simply have to highlight the text area with their mouse.

  15. Jester - you are very smart and creative. And I think your solution would be awesome except probably since I'll mostly only be writing about reality (aka "Kick Someone Off") shows, the bulk of the posts will probably be spoilerific.

    (how was THAT for a sentence? whew!)

    um. I'll think of something. We can try things out.

  16. Blog them here unless you start to see that content outweigh the other stuff.

  17. Come on, we're practically family! You can talk to us about anything. We won't think any less of you because you've joined the sofa spuds....tee hee....

  18. Ew...I say another blog.

    Sorry, but I really dislike posts about television shows.

    It seems technologically redundant.

  19. Blog here!

    (jumps up and down for emphasis.)

  20. Keep your blogs here... tv blogs and all...

  21. i say blog here too. it is your blog about your life and your opinions afterall. and i like tv!

  22. Blog here. I don't generally watch the shows you've mentioned (but even if I did, I still like to read spoilers), so it will be all entertaining commentary to me!

    Jester's approach is common on many message boards that discuss TV shows, with a mix of users who don't mind spoilers and those who do. I have seen other blogs (not LiveJournal ones) that are able to hide the bulk of the text, leaving just the title (and perhaps a topic sentence) to click on if you want more--but I don't think any of the ones I regularly read are blogger ones. Even so, you could probably put them in a separate archive, couldn't you?

    Blog here! That's my vote (with a few ideas to appease the minority).

  23. Blog here, unless of course you want to do daily posts about TV shows, most of which I will never ever watch.

  24. Blog here and blog what you like. That said, I have your old set-up - DVD, no TV - and I've had it that way for over ten years. It works for me, but I'm generally really, really bored by TV, with a few exceptions. I'll talk about The Wire with anyone who's willing for hours on end, but I will just skip blog entries on, well, any reality show, for one thing. But I don't think it's a big deal if you want to talk TV once in a while - your blog's fell has always been freewheeling, so I think whatever you want to write about is fine.

  25. New blog! Group blog! I'll contribute, I promise.


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