Dear Purl:

Thank you for sharing your horrific hairstory with us. It is nice to know that we all went through some very unfortunate-looking years (mostly those double-digit ages beginning with the number 1...), particularly in the hair department. Ugh.

And so, in the merry, seasonal spirit of solidarity, I offer two words to you:

Permed. Bangs.

permed bangs



  1. That reminds me of my sister's friend. In 5th grade she had waistlong straight hair AND permed bangs. That in combination was very unfortunate. Makes your fashion statement from, uh, whatever year that is.

    And I never had permed hair. But I so wanted it. It was the coolest thing ever, and I was so mad on my mom for not letting me.

    (Thanks, mom.)

  2. Mine is still worse. Which is why you'll never see it.

  3. One of my co-workers and I have issued a challenge to everyone else in our department at work. Over the holidays, we must all find at least 3 of the most horrifying middle school pictures of ourselves in existence. Since most of us are children of the 80s, this holds the promise of bad hair AND clothing (like my color-blocked "business suit"--why I felt the need to wear a "business suit" for 8th grade picture day, I cannot tell you). It will be a highly entertaining lunch in the breakroom that day! :)

    Also, this reminds me of a quote from one of my friends, "I've always wanted a dog. In the sixth grade, my mom said I could have either a dog or a perm. I chose the perm. In retrospect, I've always been bad at decision-making."

  4. my bad perm was the day before picture day.


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