Oh, Blogger, How You Vex Me

I don't know. I cursed Spam and it sought vengeance?

I don't know why there are two of the same posts. In my editing screen there is only one. If there are issues with bold, I don't know what that is, either.

What's that you say about Wordpress? Moveable Type?...


  1. maybe pibysy* is some weird blogger code for double posting and bold?

  2. So yeah... the emails that say nothing really are just trying to determine if the email address is valid... meaning if it doesn't get bounced back, you get on a list that subjects you to tons more SUPER DEALS on xXxV@ixxxA452GRA! or stock offers, or requests from some Nigerian Prince who just happens to need to send you MILLIONS of dollars if you will put 30k into a bank account for him.

    If you have the option to bounce the mail back, DO.

    And can I just say how much I love wordpress? I run 4 websites on a wordpress format... finally moved my personal blog from blogger and have never looked back...

    And while I have your ear, can I please please please request that you put up your RSS feed so I can see when you put a new post up? ;)

    If you need help setting up wordpress, or need a place to host a site, let me know, I can probably hook you up. :)

  3. Hey there - 1st of all, I have no clue about tech stuff so I'll leave that topic alone.

    I did want to write to you about a blogger who logs her South Beach cooking stuff. Maybe it would be a good place to get ideas:

    Good luck!!


  4. Typepad is pretty nice too. Give it a shot, it's free for the first week.

    Play with it and see what you think.

    Do the same with Wordpress.

    I have had my blog in about 20 different places because I couldn't decide which features I liked the best.

    Just don't forget to tell us where you go, k?


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