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Turns out, 20 years later Fatal Attraction is just as good and creepy as it ever was. I guess the most notable difference, aside from the frizzy, over-processed hair look, is that I now fast foward through the commercials on my DVR.

I hate Sunday nights. As soon as the sun starts setting I feel a sense of dread wash over me. I've written something about this before, but here it is, Sunday again. Bleh.

I want a new computer but cannot justify the expense because I don't even know what kind I really want.

I still have both of my engagement rings and my wedding ring. I don't know what to do with them.

Stephanie Klein's book comes out in a couple weeks; she's also engaged and pregnant with twins. I had two Lean Cuisine french bread pizza things for dinner with four Heineken Premium Lights. You probably don't think these things are related.

Speaking of Fatal Attraction, I saw Glenn Close when she starred in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway. I waited around to see her after the show. I didn't ask for her autograph, I just wanted to see her. She's absolutely teeny.

For the longest time, I thought my feet had gotten fat, too. For maybe five years, shoes never seemed to fit right. One day, I decided to try a 71/2 instead of a 7. Turns out, my feet just grew a little. And also I am an idiot.

My favorite books to read on my commute are detective-like books. Robert B. Parker was the first author of such novels I ever read (he writes the books on which the Spenser for Hire TV series was based). I still enjoy his books, but Harlan Coben is my now favorite go-to author. I also like the Stephanie Plum bounty hunter series by Janet Evanovich.

My favorite book of all time is Corelli's Mandolin.

I haven't knitted in a long time. I miss it.

One of the funniest things I've ever seen is a video of my then-19-year-old sister lip synching to "I Will Survive." If I could figure out how to get it on YouTube, I would make you all watch it this instant.

My all-time favorite cake is a traditional Italian marzipan cake. I once worked in an Italian bakery.

I've had two jobs that I only kept for one day.

My fingernails are very bendy. I have really long eyelashes.

I was once licked by an ox.

This is my 438th post.


  1. Pick up knitting again. I know it's hot as hell now, but it will make you feel good. I've been in a knitter's block for a while but am going to buy some new yarn (no, i don't need to use the three boxes sitting in my closet that were so pretty i had to buy them right then) and do a tank top for a friend's wedding present. nevermind that i never knit a tanktop before and the wedding is in 3 weeks.
    just knit. make a hat for the cats :)

  2. Hey! Are you ready for the heatwave at Blogher? Maybe it will ease up by then. I was in San Jose this afternoon and it was over 100 degrees.

    I named my son Spencer after the Robert Parker books. My husband prevailed on the spelling.

    I also like Marcia Mueller, Sue Grafton and Sara Paretsky.

  3. Skip Cunningham8:05 PM, July 23, 2006

    Sunday nights TOTALLY suck.

  4. You might also like the Elvis Cole series of mystery novels by Robert Crais. The first one is The Monkey's Raincoat. I highly recommend it. You might also enjoy the Sonny Valdez series of novels by Salvatore Falco, but since I haven't even finished the first one, you'll have to wait a while. ;)

  5. sam -- oh yes, elvis and pike are on my favorites list as well. (though the crais books that are self-contained, i.e., not elvis books, are pretty fun, too.) let me know about Sonny.

    shawn -- david and i had thought we might use spenser, too. i approve, even with the "alternative" spelling! :)

  6. and I want to kill whoever invented Nutella.

  7. I hate Sunday nights as well. When I'm PMSing at the same time - watch out!

  8. I threw one set of rings off a bridge and took another set to a pawn shop so I could afford to see Brett Butler do stand-up.

    As for detective books, Linda Barnes' Carlotta Carlyle (six foot red-headed cabbie) series might amuse. Sara Paretsky's V.I. Warshawski is the classic, but not as funny as Barnes and Evanovich. Elmore Leonard has the best characters. And for sheer, guilty pleasure, James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux series takes place in New Orleans (lots of food, lots of boozin', great storylines and dialogue).

  9. I've enjoyed Crais's non-Elvis books as well, although I'm not as fond of his Carol Starkey character from Demolition Angel. His latest, The Two Minute Rule is a terrific read.

  10. Not that this will make you feel better or anything, but Stephanie's book is already out. I saw it at Border's on Saturday. I bought a David Sedaris instead and thought of you, actually.

    If I may offer some totally unsolicited IIF advice, sell those rings and use the money for something that will make you truly super happy. Like your new computer on which you will write your book. Or a gazillion different knitting supplies, which you can use to knit beds and blankies for all the shelter pussycats in San Fran. Or sneakers in other colors besides green so you always have one that goes with your outfit.

  11. I cannot be the only one who read these two lines:
    I want a new computer but cannot justify the expense because I don't even know what kind I really want.

    I still have both of my engagement rings and my wedding ring. I don't know what to do with them.

    and though "Why hello, solution!"
    Of course, I've been told I'm too cold and unsentimental, so maybe normal people don't think things like that.
    My personal peeve against Sundays is that Sunday evening is the day of choice for Hallmark Hall of Fame movies to appear, and watching those things sends me into a spiral of "I am going to turn into a crazy cat lady spinster!" paranoia.
    The Stephanie Plum books are indeed awesome- have you read the new one? I'm on the waiting list for it at the library and am hoping it's good.

  12. you should sell your engagement and wedding rings on ebay and use the proceeds to buy a new computer.

  13. Someone beat me to this - but the Elvis Cole series, I love! (Apparently I also love speaking in Yoda-speak).

    The very same thing happened to my feet! I'm still not convinced they aren't just fatter - but lengthwise. (I am your same shoe size. I say this like that makes the world so small.)

    I've had one job that I only kept for one day - it was as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant, back in the days when I didn't like Mex food and therefore couldn't tell the difference between a chalupa and a chimichanga. I also was the only non-spanish-speaker on staff.

  14. This may not work with wedding rings, per se, but two of my friends came up with a FANTASTIC solution to relationship jewelry. You see, they both had November birthdays, and had both received expensive opal necklaces and such from past boyfriends. They didn't want to wear the jewelry anymore as it was sentimental and such, so they just traded all of their boyfriend-given jewelry with each other. No sentiment with a gift your friend's ex-boyfriend gave HER.
    I would love to be pregnant (but not have a child! important point!), and I'm still not jealous of anyone who's pregnant with TWO.

  15. I was once pregnant for three years. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

    Have you read Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone mysteries? No heavy lifting, but a great read. A is for Alphabet, B is for Burglar, C is for Corpse....I think she's up to S is for Silence. I'm up to O is for Outlaw. I am currently enjoying the James Patterson series 1st to Die, 2nd Chance, 3rd Degree, and now I'm reading 4th of July.

    Oh, and my favorite all time book, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. I have bought it and given it to all of my friends, who also loved it.

  16. Ericha2@comcast.net12:31 PM, July 24, 2006

    If you like detective/mystery/action/adventure type novels...give Michael Connely's Harry Bosch series a try. I've read all of them and I love them all. Start with "The Poet"...even though it's not the first in the series, it's the one that got me hooked.

    I've recently been into the more mystery/action/adventure normal guy books. These normal, ordinary people who get pulled into crazy adventures while seeking for something. Think Da Vinci Code...that kind of book. Although it doesn't have to be religion-based like that one. "Map of Bones" by James Rollins was really good. I'm just finishing "The Amber Room" by Steven Berry...I liked this one a lot too.

    So much to read...so little time. And I'd tell you to take up knitting again but I've tried and failed so many times, I'm not one to give advice in that arena. I'm stuck on crocheting and I've only been able to master scarves and very elementary blankets. I used to be so crafty...guess it didn't stick.

  17. If you're too sentimental to sell the jewelry maybe you could find a jeweler that you love melt down the pieces to create something like a new ring, or pendant, or something else that would be beautiful and new, but maybe still remind you about the good things from the past and also how good you have it now.

  18. K -

    PLEASE do not be jealous of anything about SK. She is "allegedly" a rather awful person and most women at Barnard HATED her. She supposedly is still utterly self-obsessed. There is nothing about her worth wanting. Even if she does have twins...oh the joy to see her stressed to the max. She has NO. IDEA. what is coming her way.

  19. Tyra --

    Yes, Grafton's books are marvelous! I've read about half of them. They're perfect for when I'm in between heavy reading. I'm also fond of Carl Hiaasen.

  20. Knitting is a good idea. Somehow it's hard to get into it when it's hot out, though. And unfortunately for me, this adds to my procrastination because all I know how to knit is scarves.

    You could get your rings melted into something you want to wear. And then they can symbolize something else to just you.

    I think lip synching is really funny.

    Now that it's Monday it's only four more sleeps until Friday.

  21. Y'all forgot John Sanford's Lucas Davenport books and Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware books. Those books are rockin.'

    Actually, this is cool - all of you seem to be big on the reading, and I am moving soon, which means I have to *sniffle, weep hysterically* get rid of hugegantic pile of books. I'm talking thousands of books here. I am the literary equivalent of the crazy cat lady.

    I have books of all kinds, and I will ship if you pay postage. Just tell me what you like and I will assemble a lovely goodie box of that sort of book (or we can do specific books, you name it, I probably have it).

    Anyone interested?

  22. I've been licked by a few steers and a cow, but never an ox.


  23. It makes me sad to read that you're jealous of SK. She just has a different style and point of view than you do -- your blog is relatable and funny, and her blog is aspirational (for some women, anyway). Because she's "succeeding" now (whatever that means) doesn't mean you won't have success in the future -- different successes that are perfect for you. I believe you will; I think your blog is awesome.

  24. who is stephanie klein

  25. Stephanie Klein is a fat, overrated blogger, author. She represents the worst of the worst of the ME ME ME woman. She lived in NYC and blatantly ripped off "Sex and the City". She is, by all accounts, a bitch.


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