Friday Lite

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus to take me home. The sun was still hot and the fog hadn't ventured into the city yet, but it was planning to. You can tell by the wind. My hair was flying all over the place as I tried to read my book.

A few feet away from me, a couple walked and stopped. The older I get, the less I seem capable of knowing how old young people are. I don't think they were teenagers, but suppose they could have been 18 or 19. They could have been 25. Certainly no older than that.

The boy was wearing a white shirt and the very baggy, black-and-white checked pants that all culinary students seem required to wear. I see the student-chefs all over the city in the Academy shuttles, all wearing the telltale pants and stained white shirts that only some ever feel the need to cover with sweaters or coats.

The girl was tall and lanky and her face was youthful but her stature gave her age away. She was not yet comfortable in her body. But she was still pretty and her hair and makeup were well done. She was smiling so big I could see that her teeth needed work and that she was chewing gum.

They had stopped, I'm not sure why actually. But for some reason the boy ended up stooping over her feet. He started futzing with her jeans and shoes, making it so that her jeans would be tucked behind the mouth of her sneakers.

She was giggling and feeling self-conscious as he did this, saying things like "what are you doing." He mostly ignored her, making unintelligible claims I couldn't hear but that sounded from the rise and fall of his voice like he was suggesting she just trust him.

By the time he was done, the front of her sneakers were plainly visible. The leg of her jeans was pushed behind her shoes in the front, but still long in the back. When he stopped futzing, she said, "This looks stupid."

In a single, swift motion the boy stood and put his arm around her and got her walking forward with him and said, "It doesn't look stupid because your shoes match your shirt." As though this were the most plainly obvious thing in the world and he had just solved her one problem in life. And they waltzed off down the street together, she still giggling and he with an air of pride.

They seemed happy.

* * * * *
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  1. But of course! Her shoes matched her shirt. I love it. Thanks for making me smile this afternoon.

    BTW---is the randomness at the end of the post some new bizzare spam that hit your inbox today???

  2. Testosterone. Hm. Maybe THAT'S what I'm missing in my weight-loss-good-intentions.

  3. What the hell is that last paragraph?

  4. What's that thing from Roy?

  5. that poor little girl... won't we all do stupid looking things to make some boy or all the boys think we look better. ah, my shoes do match my shirt! now i'm a whole person. we should all seed her green sneakers.

  6. uh- i mean SEND her green sneakers....

  7. Obviously testosterone is what has been missing from your dieting this whole time. I mean, think of how much less a set of balls would weigh as compared to a womanly bosom?

  8. Dude, right after I read this, I found this in my inbox:

    "He will sleep the better, she said. Bethuel-will you lead the
    The guard raised her spear in a quick salute, then marched resolutely
    question. You will leave behind a deadly and destructive situation.
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    First you will help me by permitting myself and my associates to"

    Why do they add in these book portions? And then not tell me how it ends?

    Also, I'm gonna go to work next week with my pants tucked behind my shoes to see how many people there read your blog. I'm guessing I'll get at least three "OMG That's what Kiki was talking about!"


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