After The Show

I gave in and bought myself another digital camera. One that isn't broken, and that has a manual viewfinder (not just a pretty digital screen) in case...well, you case I spontaneously break this one, too.

Ish hosted a comedy show last night in one of my favorite SF cafes. I busted out the camera for the first time there, after the show. You might be able to tell from the amazing artistry below that I'd:
a) Had some wine, and
b) Not yet read the manual.

But whatever. I like this picture anyway.



  1. I actually like this shot. I love how the glasses are absolutely clear and in focus, but the people are all motion-y. I would totally hang that in my house. :)

  2. I inadvertantly erased an entire memory card of pictures on Wednesday night ... four years of memories I'll never get back. I cried. So be careful and learn how to properly delete the ones you don't want!

  3. Okay, Alica took the words right out of my brain. That's a great shot.

  4. This *was* a good shot - those glasses didn't stay still for long all night...


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