BlogHer, Feminism, And Not Enough Tequila

I'm going to BlogHer tomorrow.

Originally I thought it would be awesome to go to the entire conference, which started today (and maybe even kicked off on Thursday night?) and goes straight through Saturday night, but then I changed my mind.

And now I'm wondering if I even want to go at all.

It’s not that I don’t think this will be a good and worthwhile event. I do. (Actually, I am in awe of this whole thing.)

But frankly, the idea of being surrounded by hundreds of women I don’t know in a strange place for a full day of conferencing seems a bit off-putting. Yes, we’re all women and yes, we all blog. And yay! for that, really. It’s just...

...actually, I don’t even know what. I just worry that perhaps I fall more on the cynical/snarky/huffy side of the feminist pendulum than most of the other ladies who’ll be there.

Meaning if I’m going to spend my day hanging out with 80 million women, I would like booze and dancing and at least one pair of naked breasts at the end of it. You know? Because it’s awesome that we’re all literate and creative and taking the blogosphere by storm and changing the course of history with our tenacity and savvy and collective refusal to shut the fuck up.

But this also means -- in a metaphoric sense of course -- that I am hoping for less yogurt and more tequila. An event with fewer clipboards and more general merriment by day; followed by no “I have to go to bed earlys” and all the hot, shirtless, gay pool boys giving dance lessons we can find at night. A celebration of the "female spirit" that recognizes both the crazy-knitting-cat-lady side of me and the sharp-sexy-slutty side of me, and doesn't make me feel like I have to be ashamed of either one.

Maybe it will be all that.

(But I'm staking out Whinger and bringing a flask and a camera just in case.)


  1. "less yogurt and more tequila" should go on that list of favorite quotes over there...

    it's now one of mine, anyway...!

  2. I love it that you don't think "slutty" is a bad thing.

  3. Geez! Almost forgot to pack a flask.

    I just don't know where my head is these days.

  4. dude, you need to stalk badger.

  5. You know.. even though I'm gay.. I completely agree with you that if I'm going to be surrounded by 80 million women, there had better be some nudity. you know... just to keep in interesting...

    Oh yeah... and so maybe, just maybe, some hot straight guy will show up, get drunk, flirt with me and I can spend the next year obsessing over it.

    Hey - we all gotta have a 'project!' :)

  6. - almost forgot... I'll have a helping of the "hot, shirtless, gay pool boys" hold the dance lessons and cover in gravy.

    mmmm.. gravy.

  7. By the way, K, they can be your bare breasts.

  8. Why would you imagine there won't be tequila? Because when I think about 80 million women getting together, I just assume there will be drinking, and lots of it.

    And someone has to be the first to take their top off, you know. Why shouldn't it be you?

  9. Hi,

    I just left you and Jenny because it was midnight and we are fucking good girls who go to bed on time.

    It was really great to meet you. I'm still kind of drunk but I mean it...

  10. In a room with women who compulsively talk about their lives???


  11. Hi Occidental!

    I will have everyone know that most people partied too much on friday night, so when we went to bed around midnight, there were only one or two tables of people left.

    We very nearly closed the place down.


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