Thanks For Looking Out For Me

I don’t mind telling you that I did, finally, get a new cell phone. And after tremendous research, consultations, and due consideration, I finally selected this phone because it had the super technical feature of being pink. And if you don’t think that’s a good reason to choose a phone and you want to actually get VERY technical, I will tell you that this model was in fact MORE PINK than the other models. Because I’m no fool.

Anyway, at the time of this purchase, I re-upped my cell phone plan with Sprint. It’s not that I especially like Sprint or anything, but you know, they gave me a pretty reasonable plan five years ago, and so I just sort of kept it. The only thing I don’t like about my plan is that it comes with a spending limit (regardless of when my bill is actually due), that I am not allowed to exceed. And while I pretty much haven’t exceed the limit EVER IN FIVE YEARS, any time I come near it, I start getting automated messages letting me know.

Originally, an automated voice would call me about three times a day to let me know my spending limit was near. But when I got my new phone with such new-fangled features as TEXT MESSAGING (hello, 2003!), I was happy to learn that I would no longer get annoying phone calls about my limit. Instead, I would just get annoying texts.

I received the first such message this morning. And while it is less annoying than an actual phone call, I find it utterly bewildering. It read:

To make a payment and avoid exceeding your spending limit, please call 866-378-1477. For your convenience we delayed delivery of this message.

Awesome. Maybe now my Outlook calendar will start sending me reminders for meetings I don't need to attend that took place last week. Would be about as convenient.


  1. Be careful about those messages. I have the same "spending limit" thing and I got a message last week saying that I was nering my limit and could be turned off, although my bill was paid in full... even if I had not just paid my bill, I would have still been $150.00 from my limit. The number it had me call was NOT Sprint and was simply asking me to press a number and give them my credit card... so just beware.

    If you ever get a message like that, call Sprint using the *2 feature on your phone.

  2. Bravo on the pink phone- is it the electric-pink Razr, or one of the other shades of pink they've come up with?
    As for the spending limit text messages- ack. Yet another terror inflicted on you for the sake of your convenience.
    I hate those messages, particularly since they never seem to be all that helpful anyway. The annoying text message informing me that my verizon bill is available for downloading invariably arrives 3 weeks before my bill is due, so I suffer panicky moments of "ohmygod did I forget to pay that?!?!" only to discover that it's not due for quite a while.

  3. I'm jealous of anyone who has a pink phone. I just got a new phone, but pink wasn't even an option from my carrier. I'm determined to make my new phone pink, though, even if it means visiting one of those "ghettofy your phone" kiosks at the mall.

  4. When I shopped for iPods, I had to get an older model on eBay because I needed the pinker one.
    It's imperative to it function.

  5. Hoorah for PINK!!! Mine is woefully not pink, but Practical always seems to win out in my crazy brain. I am glad you are making sound decisions on important issues. (secretly jealous of pink phone)

  6. I want a pink phone, specifically, the pink razr because it's pink on the outside and the numbers feel good to the touch. Not that I would be planning to molest the phone or anything.

    Be careful with Sprint, darling. We did business with them and took out three phones. It started off as one contract and never once did they tell us that after a period of time, they would take out a contract for each phone. The bill came out to several hundred dollars and they only offered to take 20% off of the bill because their sales associate misled us.

  7. I'm IN LOVE with my pink RAZR. The coolest is the one I have - the magenta one TMobile offers.


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