The One About My Divorce

so no, the WHOLE story is not done. these 'chapters' were intended to be just about my divorce. one chunk of my life. the entries were as concise as i could possibly make them. (if i were ever going to make this into something book-like, there'd be a lot more to say, and a LOT of editing to be done...)

so in the short-term, i am adding a postscript, to tie up some loose ends (and hopefully satisfy some curiosities).

but the whole rest of the story, well, it's kind of a lot. i want to write about it, but i'm not sure if chapter-by-chapter is the way to go. a LOT has happened in the last five years, you know?

plus, i miss writing about lighter stuff. maybe i can figure out a way to do both?

anyway, postscript coming soon...


  1. Thank you so much for sharing something so personal and painful with us. You are so brave.

    I wish I knew you in real life (but not in a stalker-ish sort of way.) :)

  2. More than before, I find myself checking in on you daily, to see how you are doing, which is funny, since you are focusing so much on history, we've lost sight of the present.

    I know I am one of many, but this IIF is glad to "know" you, inasmuch as I do. I hope you are healing and dealing okay. I look forward to more installments of the past, but also to hear about the present.


  3. I have also been wrapped up in this story and have appreciated every word, but I will say that I really enjoy your views and comments on "the lighter stuff" and what's going on in your life in the present. I was hoping you might get back to it soon. Thanks again for sharing.


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