No Cause For Alarm

Just a quick note --

I didn't mean to suggest in my last post that I have any idea what I'm doing. I don't actually HAVE a plan yet. I'm just entertaining some ideas, most of which could take months or a year or more to implement. My point was more that I feel the beginnings of an itch to change, and I'm just planting the seeds.


  1. I came out here 20 years ago to vacation and take a break from reality and think about what I want to do. I'm still here thinkin'. So don't forget to water those seeds!

  2. aha! Well you know kiki,... to thine on self be true. I was thinking maybe that's what "big plans" really are anyway. I think sometimes big plans are like little 'true self' tasks... like having pretty linen all folded up nicely in a linen closet, or making a beautiful meal and serving it - even if just by yourself - on a pretty placematt with a favorite set of dishes with good music playing. it's little but it's also huge in terms of really living. little seeds grow great oaks. is that what you mean? that's how i read you now too. Lisa

  3. Life is all about working toward that next big thing. Without goals, however big or small, there would be no need to get out of bed in the morning. Keep on dreaming, keep on planning, and keep on keeping on. (Just bring us with you wherever you go....)

  4. I think it's a great idea to always be looking forward to something (re: your comment to my comment in your last post). Hope if your Big Thing turns out to be moving, it's not before I get a chance to meet you.

  5. I like what sitcomgirl said in her comments "no plans, just movement" as long as you are moving toward something you want, it's harder for things you don't want to catch you. WHOOOHOOOO!!! I love adventure!


    And if you have no idea what you are doing, that is just fine!
    Entertaining ideas is a fun way to figure out your next step.

    However, some of my friends think I entertain ideas for too long. So on Jan 1, I made my mantra this year "just do it".
    By about March 1, my mantra was "Just do what??!!" I still don't know!

  7. I'm 37. You sound like you lived my life (minus the particulars). I don't have any answers; I THINK I got SOMETHING figured out, recently: I'm shooting for being a nurse now. So I'd have gone the route of military, rock singer, financial analyst/daddy/husband to nursing. Always moved around, got comfortable in any situation... wound up asking myself whether this was what I want to be doing for the rest of my life (but the problem is I live HERE AND NOW, there IS no "rest of my life")!

    What the hell... Banking sucks anyway. Good luck on your Big Search.

  8. Hey, good writing.
    I agree a plan is a good idea, big or small, but sometimes too, one has to just let life be, and see what is has in store for you. You never know what is around the next corner.
    I certainly didn't:


  9. What IS cause for alarm is the fact that you haven't blogged since last WEDNESDAY!!!!!! :(

  10. How about a move to Dallas?

    Moving is usually good for changing.

  11. The dearth of blog updates lately has us all very concerned.


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