Remember That Time I Fell?

Pt. XXI 1/2

just a quick note to say that -- in case you hadn't noticed -- the story i'm telling is a rather concise version. i have intentionally and unintentionally left a whole bunch of details out.

one such "detail" i forgot about was the trip i took to boston a few days before ElG came to visit me. i'm not sure why i was there -- did i stop in on the way to new hampshire? -- but i was staying with healy and brian. and, well, for those of you who might remember*, it was THAT trip where i oh-so-breezily swung myself down the stairs and um...

i still have the scar.

oh yes, yes i do.

*and for those of you who never got the chance to see my self-dubbed "infamous" ass picture the first time around


  1. {{{Applause!}}} for your hilarious recounting of it, but mostly for having taken the pictures in the first place :> Clearly that is THE BIGGEST BRUISE THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. Similarly, I have a picture of the biggest blister acreage (my heel, after 3 miles on pavement in summer in flip-flops).

  2. Wouldn't that simply be an "infamass" picture?

  3. It gives new meaning to you favorite quote #1 at the side! I enjoy your blog from the funny to the deep parts...keep going.

  4. That is a riot... the ass pic is definitely worth looking at again. :)

  5. I saw it the first time around and laughed my ass off. Then I went back to look at it again today - and the bruise is even worse than I had remembered! Owwwwww!


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