Sex. (Because You Asked.)

Well, hmmmm.

You know, I DO have a lot of thoughts on the subject of sex and sexuality and my experiences and all that sort of thing. (Uh, who doesn't?)

But I sort of feel that writing about sex is like writing about religion and politics. It's a sensitive subject, one that's inherently entwined with our own senses of self, of morality, of what we consider ethical, etc. Thus, I know that to write about these things (sex, morality, religion, politics) in a raw or completely honest way is to wittingly open a can of worms.

And I don't really want to open any worm-cans.

NOT because I don't have opinions, or because I'm afraid of judgment from my IIFs. But because, quite frankly, this is a public blog under my name. My family reads my blog. My coworkers read my blog. Potential employers read my blog (whoops on me, but still).

So while I'm not exactly apologetic for anything I've done, or for my well established liberal beliefs, or for my agnostic-leaning athieism, or for about a million other "sinful" things, I'm also not COMPLETELY STUPID.

For one thing, I'd like to avoid being Dooced. And let's just say, given my employer, this is not a minor concern.

And for another, even if some day I am living as a self-employed writer and don't have to worry about being fired and I'm blah blah blah living the dream, I am still not sure I'll be gung-ho to detail my sexual preferences for my fam. Because seriously. Ew.


  1. wait, just backtracked a little - did Greg actually hire you????

    Greg, you kick ass. :)

    Hi Kristy! I'm giving you hugs. Oh and only talk about as much as you feel like sharing. I'll read as much or as little as you write :)

  2. Wait...does that mean you don't want that banjo for your birthday?

  3. For crying out loud.

    Stop it. Stop posting the links. Stop making accusations. Just stop. It is doing no one any good and it is upsetting me. Those who want to read or discuss or dissect OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS may feel free to do so. ELSEWHERE.

    If you have something you'd like to ask or know about ME, please email ME.

    If you cannot respect that I do not wish to discuss anything like that here, I will stop allowing comments altogether.

  4. dena,

    hiya! happily, greg did make me an offer (yay!). i thought that was awesome. in the end, i took a different offer, but it was a very difficult decision.

    (especially as greg was such a super cutie patootie.)

    (still am not professional.)

    (oh well.)

  5. To the IIFs who are asking about K's sex life, I used to push her on things I thought I read about her in another blog. She kept deleting them. Finally I emailed her and we exchanged one email each and then understood each other - perhaps you should try that?


  6. mmmmmmmm dare I ask mmmmmmmm no

    I know better than that

    treat me like a mushroom keep me in the dark and feed me crap I'll be happy

  7. For goodness sake people! Show a lady a little respect. It is her life, her blog. She will share whatever she wants too and omit whatever she wants to. Lord, ya'll need to just chill. This isn't a public service you are entitled to!

    *end self rightious rant*

    Love ya kiddo! *hugs*

  8. I'm with you, Kristy! I make the mistake of talking about religion/politics/sex/insert choice of volatile topic here, about once a quarter. When will I ever learn? much love from Seattle

  9. LEAVE KRISTY ALONE. That she writes anything for us IIFs at all is a blessing.

  10. Wow... I have not seen any other comments about "other" blogs (apparently since they have been deleted), nor have I seen any comments from you about other blogs. As such, I did not realize that there was some huge "issue" about making a comment, yet I am the one that is getting yelled at.

    If I thought it was such a big deal, I would not have posted anything. I was not trying to be negative. As far as emailing K? I have done so on 2 occasions and have never received a reply. I guess what I had to say was not interesting enough for a reply. I can guarantee that the emails I sent before were NOTHING but positive and had NOTHING to do with any other blogs.

    I am sorry K. I will just STFU since I can't seem to keep from alienating you and others. I just wish that people would keep in mind that if someone is making a comment, it does not mean that they have read EVERY single comment that has been posted in the past and therefore, does not know what "issues" might have popped up before.

  11. anon 9:26,

    i have deleted about a dozen comments so far. i'm sure i'm not yelling at *you*. i AM "yelling" at the person or persons who are intentionally trying to irk me.

    as for email, i apologize for not answering. i'm generally horrible about that. really, i am sorry.

  12. I like Dooce's advice:

    looks like you're trying to do so and no one can blame you for not wanting to get dooced! or -ick- share intimate details with ALL family and friends. People, there is such a thing as TMI (too much information), even on the internets!

  13. You're brave enough for sharing everything you already have. What happens in your bedroom is your business. While private speculation is fun (and I will fully admit that I have speculated on connections I have made here) when it comes down to it, it is none of anyone else's business.


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