Yarn Humor

dear yarn mafia:

in case you are trolling knitting blogs for keywords such as knitting knitting knitting yarn yarn purl knit yarn-over drop one pick up blocking y1 p2 ss1 felted weave ends in, here's a little entry just for you.

no, i haven't been knitting much lately. i have 42 million other projects that have seemed to take precedence and i'm sorry about that. i mean, do have every intention of finishing* the hat that goes with my aunt's scarf i made her for christmas, among other things.

but in the meantime, i thought i'd let you know that knitting has made its way into my stand-up routine. and that's gotta count for something, right? and while it will not translate well to the written space i am sure, the gist is something like...
so i've taken up knitting. because that is HOT. yes, very sexy...

though i have to say, knitting HAS become incredibly popular. in fact, they say that knitting is the new yoga.

um, okay. sure. i can kinda see that.

ah, except instead of losing weight and gaining flexibility, i make lumpy scarves and remind men of their grandmother.

right. so almost the same thing.

whatever. don't get uppity about the sarcasm. i didn't say you had to LIKE it, i just wanted you to know i hadn't lost sight of the relevance of yarn in my life.



  1. Wow. I see what you mean. That sounds like work. The comedy, I mean, not the knitting. As many commedians as I've watched, it never occurred to me how tricky the writing is. You guys make it look so effortless when you're behind the microphone.

  2. funny.
    and thanks for yet another reason to just say NO to my knitting friends that think I need to join them... they seem to miss the fact that me, yarn, and sharp objects together is SO not a good idea.

  3. i learned to knit when i was a wee lass of 7... then promptly forgot most of it after grade school. all i can do is just knit-knit-knit or purl-purl-purl. so i decided to get back into it! relearn! make stuff! ...and, uh, so far all i've done is bought this one really pretty skein that's purplish and has sparkles. :-)

  4. So THAT'S why my husband doesn't enjoy the time I use for knitting. He thinks yoga is silly and new agey.

    It's so clear now. Thank you.

  5. Good stuff, Kristy! Knitting is so popular now, I bet there is some good material there. You will probably have knitters in the audience or atleast people who know knitters.

  6. Too funny! I think you're going to be awesome at stand-up. I wish I lived closer so I could come and watch.


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